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The Episode starts with Thakumaa going to do the aid to Bondita. Bondita says you have hurt me and now came to do the aid. Thakumaa says no, just leave the books and then see how much I love you. Bondita says I can’t leave the books, I have no right to get the aid from you. Trilochan says Anirudh, Thakumaa won’t let you go to Bondita. Anirudh says she won’t be able to stop me, I will make another way if she stops me, I will reach Bondita, I will not leave Bondita alone. Trilochan asks him to come. Batuk comes and hugs Anirudh and Trilochan. They ask how did you come. They see Sampoorna and get angry. Anirudh says you have to go back. She says Binoy has sent me here, he went to Rangoon for imp work, villagers are angry on the family, how could be let me stay there alone. Anirudh says its a new lie, a new excuse. Thakumaa says fine, sit here. She does aid to Bondita and says everyone gets hurt when one gets hurt in a family. She goes. Sampoorna says its not a lie, ask Batuk. Batuk says yes, Binoy has sent us, Somnath also went with him. She says he knows that I can’t stay there alone. Anirudh says you will go back home.

Trilochan says let her stay here, its not safe for her to stay alone. Anirudh says you want me to forget everything she did with Bondita. Trilochan says no, I will also not forget, I know she is a Naagin, she is Binoy’s wife, we have to keep his word. Sampoorna says Bondita is my sister, how can I hurt her. Anirudh keeps a knife at her neck and threatens her. She says I won’t go anything. He goes. Bondita says Thakumaa wants to bound me, Anirudh wants to let me fly. Tapur asks how will you study here. Bondita says Anirudh will find some way to teach me. Anirudh says what shall I do to teach Bondita. Batuk says I have an idea, we will buy an aeroplane, you can go by that and teach Bondita. Anirudh says wow Batuk. He gets the newspaper. He reads an article and gets an idea. He says I like your idea. He sees the dry grass and herbs sacks taken to Thakumaa. He says I will send a solution to Bondita. Bondita asks can’t I fight for my future, Thakumaa can ruin my notes, she can’t erase what I have already learnt. She smiles. Anirudh calls out Bondita and throws the notes to her by making a paper plane. He asks her to read it. She reads.. I have hidden a magnetic tape recorder in the sack, take it fast. She smiles. She goes to help Rimjhim. She acts sweet and asks her to go. Rimjhim goes. Anirudh smiles.

Bondita asks Kamla to go and take rest, she will do all the work. Kamla also goes. Thakumaa comes to Bondita and asks what are you finding in this herbs. Bondita says I was thinking to keep it separated to help you, you also wanted me to do the household work. Thakumaa says I m glad to know this, I will tell you about the herbs, you will get knowledge. Bondita worries. She thinks to stop Thakumaa. Thakumaa says I m sharp sighted, shall I tell what’s in your heart. Bondita says you know it, I m thinking about the herbs. She gets an idea seeing the black pepper. She asks what’s this. She sneezes. Thakumaa says stop sneezing, I will get medicine for you.

Bondita looks for the tape recorder. She finds it in the sack. Thakumaa gets the medicine and asks her to have it. Bondita drinks it and says I will do the work, I have learnt about the herbs, you go, I will do this. Sampoorna comes there. Thakumaa thinks why did she come here. Sampoorna says Bondita always gets a comfortable life. Rimjhim says you have become a landlord’s wife now. Bondita takes the tape recorder. Thakumaa taunts Sampoorna for coming uninvited. Sampoorna says I got these books and pen for Bondita, she studies. Thakumaa says one shouldn’t expect sense from a fool, no one studies here, take the books away. Tapur asks what happened, did Thakumaa punish you again. Bondita says Anirudh has found a way to teach me.

Sampoorna says Bondita lost her mind by studying, she broke her marriage, even I m illiterate, but I m Roy Choudhary’s wife. Thakumaa says you were a poor Munshi’s bahu, you showed bad character and became a Roy Choudhary, Anirudh and Bondita did pity on me. She threatens Sampoorna. She says a wife who doesn’t give a heir can be changed anytime. Bondita gets another note in the tape recorder. She follows the instructions. Tapur hears his voice and looks for him. Bondita says his voice is recorded in this, I have to learn the lessons by listening to him. Thakumaa stops Sampoorna and twists her hand. She says you are also bitter like your mum, your mum kept Sumati and Bondita in her house because Bondita’s dad had money, then when money ended, your mum showed her true colours, go away from here. Sampoorna leaves. Tupur comes and says some sound is coming from Bondita’s room. Thakumaa says she is behaving strange since morning, is she hiding something. She comes to Bondita’s room.

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