Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Anirudh asking Bondita to reply them, if she thinks widow remarriage is proper. She says I actually have void my infant marriage to combat in opposition to that custom, I sense a widow has a proper to remarry and stay a brand new existence, I realize that I need to spend my complete existence with Anirudh, if some thing occurs to him then… The guy says now no longer ladies, the guys will decide, how ladies stay and die. The different guy says whoever doesn’t comply with us will die. Anirudh and Bondita appearance on taken aback. The chaos begin. The guys take a widow away. Bondita asks them to stop. Anirudh says chill out please. Bondita runs after them. The guys take the widow to the river side. Bondita asks them to go away her. She asks Kumud to move away. The guys seize Bondita. Bondita asks her to move and phone Anirudh fast. The guys take Bondita to the river and push her. Kumud runs to name Anirudh. She says shop Bondita, she is drowning. Anirudh runs.

He sees Bondita withinside the river. He shouts Bondita….He jumps into the river and swims to her. He shouts once more and rushes to her. He holds her hand. Batuk involves the location to fulfill Anirudh. He hears a few guys talking. The guy says the river has were given a massive hurricane today, Anirudh has jumped into the river to shop Bondita. Batuk receives taken aback and runs. Anirudh and Bondita get away. He reaches her once more and holds her hand. They get a timber log. He thinks its breaking down, it is able to simply take the load of 1 person, I should get right all the way down to shop her. He receives down the raft. He asks her to move, he’s going to meet her on the shore. She says no, I won’t go away you and go, supply me your hand. He says not anything will show up to me, I realize swimming, you go. She says we determined to stay and die together. He says don’t be mad, don’t speak of dying, promise me, you’ll boost a voice in opposition to horrific customs. She says we are able to combat together. He says promise me, you’ll in no way go away your smile. She attempts to preserve his hand. She faints. He asks her to get conscious. He shouts Bondita.

Batuk runs to the dam. He appears for Anirudh. He says Anirudh is risking his existence to shop Bondita, I will shop Anirudh. He shouts and jumps into the river. He swims to them. Anirudh and Bondita’s palms get separated. Anirudh receives drowning. Batuk appears on and shouts. Anirudh drowns. Batuk sees a few guys and asks did you spot my brother, he looks as if me, he is aware of swimming, he can’t sink. The guy says a hurricane has come, we additionally returned, nobody can get stored, don’t go, you’ll now no longer return, we were given few matters from the river, test it once. He receives Anirudh’s stuff and shouts. He says you can’t go away me alone. The guy says one that dies doesn’t come back. Batuk says Bondita has killed him, I will now no longer go away her, Bondita changed into there, she could have died too. The guy says no, we didn’t get some thing. He says I will kill Bondita. Bondita is mendacity at the raft. He says I will take revenge for Anirudh.

Two girls get Bondita and say she has come this manner due to the hurricane, we have to take her to the flood remedy camp. Batuk involves the camp to search for Bondita. Nurse says Bondita is alive, her nation is critical. He says nice, thanks. He is going and sees Bondita. He pulls her nose. He says you’re breathing, Anirudh have to have taken it, Anirudh in no way cared for himself, he did the whole lot for you, he jumped withinside the river to prevent and he died, you killed him, I will kill you. He takes a scissor. He says bye bye Bondita….Doctor comes and asks who’re you, are you her relative, you got here at the proper time, we should supply an awesome news, Mrs. Bondita is pregnant, you need to take a good deal care of her, she were given stored from a massive hurricane, she is in trauma, she shouldn’t go through trauma now, else it will likely be risky for her and her baby. Batuk appears at her.

Precap: Batuk says he’s going to grasp Bondita’s infant farfar from her much like how she snatched Anirudh away. After that he’s going to throw her out from his, his family, and infant’s existence. He attire up as Anirudh and is going to Bondita. She receives very glad and says, pati babu, you.


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