Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 15 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The Episode starts with Thakumaa playing shank. She asks Rimjhim to make their haveli lightened up. Bondita asks why is their haveli not having lights. Thakumaa recalls getting their electricity line cut. She says this is Krishnanagar, not Tulsipur, I rule here. Bondita asks did you cut the electricity line. Thakumaa says yes, women and animals get controlled by whip only. Bihari comes and falls on the stairs. Anirudh asks him to be careful. Bondita says Bihari is hurt, let me go. Thakumaa holds her hand and stops her. Bihari asks Anirudh to get diya from the market. Trilochan says leave it, you won’t get anything from the market, Thakumaa would have got all the candles and diyas from the market. Thakumaa sees the candles and diyas.

Rimjhim says I didn’t any shop with candles and diyas. Bondita says Anirudh is saying without electricity, will it look good in my room. Tapur says Thakumaa did this. Thakumaa asks Rimjhim to say what is it. Rimjhim says villagers are talking strange things, that you can lose pride because of Bondita. Bondita reads the notes. She says its in my hands to bring back the light, get rubber slippers and wooden stick, I will use my mind and Anirudh’s teachings. They go. Rimjhim says they are talking bad about Bondita, Anirudh has come here, people gossip about the women. Thakumaa says I know it well, gangajal of the house becomes dirt on the road, I won’t let Bondita become dirt. Bondita connects the wires and switches off the lights in Anirudh’s haveli.

Trilochan and Bihari get glad. Trilochan asks how did this happen. Anirudh says Bondita has brought the lights this time. Trilochan says Bondita… Anirudh says yes, Bondita did it. Tapur says wow, you have done a boy’s work, how did you do this. Bondita says by studying, Anirudh says that education ends the difference between girls and boys, he didn’t go from here. Anirudh says I was teaching her about power circuits, see how she used it in real life, I knew she is sensible, Thakumaa will also know and believe it, Bondita is a diamond. Trilochan says you are expecting a lot, Thakumaa can’t melt her heart. Thakumaa asks how did they get the power. Bondita says I have joined the wires, Anirudh had taught me about it, I know Thakumaa, you would not like it, I didn’t intend to insult you, but they are my family, I can’t see you and them in pain, I wish that I connect the hearts of both the families. Rimjhim asks her to apologize. Bondita says no, I didn’t do any mistake, I won’t apologize. Thakumaa asks Rimjhim to learn from Bondita, she is so clever. She asks Bondita to stitch her blanket, didn’t Anirudh teach this to her.

Bondita says Trilochan has taught it to me, get the blanket, I will stitch it. Thakumaa asks Rimjhim to get it. Thakumaa makes Rimjhim fall. She drops the dry grass on the needle. She thinks its a punishment, how will you stitch now. Rimjhim sees her and says it was the last needle, you have to sleep in cold tonight. Thakumaa says no, Bondita will find the needle. She goes. Rimjhim thinks Bondita can’t find the needle, Thakumaa is punishing her. Thakumaa asks did you get the needle, find it, you will get it, I got a new string to tie this grass. Bondita takes it. She recalls the rope by which she got notes from Anirudh. Thakumaa recalls Tupur telling her about Anirudh sending notes. Thakumaa says tie the grass by this rope, its useful for it. She asks Bondita to do the work. Bondita looks on. Thakumaa says Bondita isn’t lazy, she can do this work easily when she can do a man’s work. Bondita looks for the needle.

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