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The Episode begins offevolved with Trilochan asking Bondita to vow him, the infant will continually be a Roy Choudhary. Bondita says I promise, I will by no means go away this house, this infant is Anirudh and my blood, Roy Choudhary’s Ansh, you can accept as true with that Anirudh isn’t alive, I m positive that he’s alive, the evidence is, I m alive, we’re tied with the string of the identical breath, if I m alive, then he has to live alive, I will discover him, suppose if he is available in the front of you and asks you why you probably did this,

what is going to you solution him. Trilochan says forgive me, I were given blind in sorrow and didn’t see your ache, don’t pass from right here. Sampoorna says he found out his mistake, don’t go away this house. Bondita says Batuk will grab my infant, he hates me, if I pass towards him, then I will harm the own circle of relatives, it’ll be right to depart from right here. He says I will provide an explanation for him. She says no, I can’t positioned my infant in danger, permit me pass.

He says you’re right, Batuk crossed limits in his hatred, he has end up a Raavan, you pass, however I won’t permit you to pass like this, I will make you live in my right friend’s house, they’ll cope with you, I won’t permit Batuk know, don’t worry, this time, I will now no longer lose you. He blesses her.

The guy says you wrote many letters, however you don’t recall the address. Anirudh says I don’t recall. The guy says its fine, Durga Maa will unite you, have drugs. Anirudh sees the newspaper. He says Tulsipur, Bondita remains there. The guy says I will make preparations to head there. Bondita feels belly ache. She sits at the stairs. Sampoorna says perhaps her exertions started, I will come along. Trilochan says yes, come. Batuk laughs and says I will come together with you to the hospital. Trilochan says appearance Anirudh… Batuk says Batuk… Bondita is aware of I m BRC. Trilochan shouts and asks him to depart. Batuk says I don’t suppose we must waste time, Bondita’s exertions ache started, we must rush her to the hospital. Trilochan says I m taking you along, I won’t permit incorrect take place with Bondita and infant. Batuk says I definitely love my nephew, I will inform him that I m his Super Chachu, I love you, and I hate Bondita. The guy says you may visit Tulsipur and meet your own circle of relatives, are you happy. Anirudh says very happy, thank you, I m coming to you.

Bondita is taken via way of means of the nurse. Trilochan says after Anirudh surpassed away, Bondita has end up the daughter of the house, I need Bondita and infant to live with us, neglect about everything, make a brand new start. Batuk says don’t get emotional, Bondita will live with us, we desired the infant to live with us, how can I say no, he may be a Zamindar like us. Trilochan hugs him. Nurse asks Batuk to get the drugs for Bondita. Batuk goes. A guy comes going for walks and says hearthplace has stuck up withinside the haveli. Trilochan and Sampoorna go away.

Batuk laughs and says pass, I m right here to deal with everything, the infant will come withinside the haveli, however Bondita won’t come, she made me farfar from my own circle of relatives, I will make her farfar from my own circle of relatives forever. Batuk asks physician approximately the infant boy. Doctor says transport didn’t take place, we are able to simply shop both mum or child, its a vital situation. Batuk says shop the infant, we don’t take care of the mother, shop the infant boy, be careful. Doctor goes. Anirudh prays to Durga maa. He says I m coming to satisfy Bondita and also you on the Roy choudhary haveli.

He says she could have cried and shared her sorrow with you, you’ll have end up her strength, thank you for making me fine, I will visit Tulsipur to my Bondita. Batuk hears the infant’s cry. He says I can listen my nephew, infant come out. Doctor says its a miracle, mum and infant are fine, congrats, you bought twins, a son and a daughter. He asks nurse to shift Bondita to the overall ward. Batuk takes the infant boy and says I m your brilliant chachu. Nurse says Bondita were given twins. Batuk says Anirudh’s kids, thank you, I will manage them, I m their Chachu. He asks the kids to mention bye to Bondita. Bondita is taken at the wheelchair. Batuk says bye forever. Bondita wakes up and appears for her babies.

She calls out the nurse. She asks wherein are my kids. Nurse says Batuk took them away. Bondita asks what, no… Nurse says you’re very weak, you must take rest. Bondita says no mum is weak, while its approximately her kids, a mum can end up Durga Maa, I won’t permit Batuk grab my infant. Nurse stops her. Bondita pushes her and leaves. Trilochan asks Batuk to open the door. Trilochan and all people are locked. Batuk says she has snatched my Anirudh. Trilochan says you cheated me. Batuk says you modified and supported Bondita, so I needed to do this. He asks the infant now no longer to cry. Trilochan says don’t separate them from their mum, its the world’s largest sin. Batuk says they’re Anirudh’s final sign, I will by no means supply them to Bondita. Bondita comes home. Sampoorna says infant is crying, he desires his mum.

Batuk says I will take care, Trilochan additionally raised us. Bondita receives a surprise via way of means of touching the door, stressed up. Batuk says I will make Bondita farfar from the kids, I will take them to Italy, Anirudh’s final symptoms and symptoms will live with me. The guy brings Anirudh to Tulsipur. Anirudh says I will pass from right here myself.

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