Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 11th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Batuk announcing its your guilt, Anirudh died even as saving you, I even have visible it with my eyes, you snatched him, I will grab each pricey aspect from you. Bondita says I won’t permit this happen. He threatens approximately Sumati, Thakumaa, Tupur and Tapur. He says Tupur and Tapur agree with me, I will grab your family, due to the fact you snatched my brother, we can pass a long way from right here,

you won’t consider walking away, after you supply Anirudh’s child, you could visit your mom, Krishnanagar or London, you could additionally die, I don’t care, live right here, don’t try and act clever, I m greater clever than you, I will inform you how, Tapur concept you don’t need her marriage to happen, it become my drama. He shouts on her. He says take this as my warning. He is going.

Batuk receives meals for her. He shuts the door. Bihari comes and says I need to get garments for iron. Batuk says she isn’t fine, pass now, no person will pass there. Trilochan says I will pass, is she fine. He is going to Bondita. He asks is there any tension, inform me. She says no. Batuk says we’re going to Calcutta to satisfy a huge doctor. Trilochan says don’t worry, I m there. Batuk says even I m right here. She asks for water. Batuk says for the medicines, I gets it.

Anirudh says Bondita…. The guy looks after him. Batuk asks Bihari to get water. Bihari receives a coupon in the jug. He reads… I need a chemical to faint a person for few hours, try and disguise this from Pati Babu and get it. Bihari says I will pass and supply the cover to Bondita. Batuk says supply it to me.

Batuk offers the blanket to Bondita and is going. She assessments and receives the chemical. She thinks I m now no longer so helpless, Anirudh gave me wings, you could’t prevent me from flying. She sees Batuk sleeping. She takes the chemical and burns it to unfold the smoke. Batuk coughs and receives up. She thinks if Batuk blows this off, then he won’t faint. She says don’t placed it off, I will fall ill if mosquitoes bite. He says you may additionally discover a issue in breathing, come. He faints down. She places the water withinside the pot.

She takes Anirudh’s pic. She takes her bag and leaves. Sampoorna comes and asks in which are you going. Bondita says he isn’t Anirudh. Sampoorna asks did you pass mad. Bondita says I m announcing the truth, he’s Batuk. She tells everything. Sampoorna receives shocked. Bondita says Batuk took Anirudh’s disguise, he made Trilochan towards me, he is likewise with Batuk to grab my child, I m leaving like a thief.

Sampoorna asks in which will you pass. Bondita says Anirudh’s fav place, Shanti Niketan, I were given my educate tickets additionally, you could’t include me, you need to live right here for Shashwati’s safety, faux which you don’t understand approximately me, I promise, I will deal with myself and my child, agree with me, I will locate Anirudh, earlier than Batuk receives conscious, I should pass. Sampoorna hugs her. Somnath comes home. They disguise. Sampoorna asks her to take care. Trilochan comes and asks in which are you going. Bondita says I by no means concept, I will say this, I m leaving this house.

He asks why, what happened, I m irritated so that you determined this, we’ve a relation, you could speak to me. She asks are you continue to mendacity to me, that the only residing with me is Anirudh, now no longer Batuk. Trilochan says he stated right, we’ve given you everything, you’re leaving with our family’s Ansh. She says you name me daughter, and don’t regard that, else you’ll have now no longer agreed to grab my child. He says fine, I need to grab Anirudh’s child, you’re educated,

you may marry a person else after which we can lose the child, we misplaced Anirudh, we can now no longer lose his child. She asks don’t you agree with me, you can have requested me, if I will leave. He asks will you depart and take the child with you. She says no, if Anirudh isn’t always with me, then who’s with me, you all are there, why didn’t you observed that I need to look my child developing right here, I need the child to get your love. He says fine, then promise me, this child will constantly be a Roy Choudhary.

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