Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with bondita ringing the bell. Anirudh says i have reached the proper area. He appears for her. She thinks i can ring the bell till everyone involves assist me. Anirudh runs to look her. She sees a person and smiles. She shouts for help. Goon sees her and smiles. She receives stunned seeing mami with him. Anirudh stops on the temple and prays. The man scolds bondita and says you will be punished for breaking our customs, i can train you a lesson. Bondita earrings the bell. Anirudh runs to look. The female follows him. He thinks why did the bell sound end.

Bondita runs. Mami and that goon stop her. Anirudh thinks bondita isn’t right here. Bondita falls down. A stone falls over her head. She faints. Mami and the goon appearance on. Mami asks did she die. The man says its exact she died before we killed her. Anirudh shouts bondita. Mami says he’s going to kill us, we will go. The goon asks mami to take bondita. He gets greatly surprised seeing sakha babu written at the stone with the aid of blood. Bondita has written it. He says i won’t let some thing appear to you. Mami asks did she die, i didn’t kill her. The goon asks did you get her here to do aarti, she fell down and died, we have to reduce her head and grasp on the tree. Mami says i will not try this. He asks her to take her money and leave. He says the other ladies will see her beheaded and not dare to go limits, stay right here, i can simply come.

Mami asks him to forestall. She says i’m able to’t stay along with her. The goon says she is lifeless. She says you don’t understand her, i m scared. He laughs and says you ladies are weak, you can never get same to guys, come. They go away. Trilochan and bihari pray at home for bondita. He plays the shank. Anirudh seems for her. He follows the blood marks. Bondita receives conscious. The goon sharps the knife. She says i can’t lose, i must run away. She is going out. She sees mami and the goon back. The goon says you didn’t die, you’ve got courage, however courage doesn’t in shape women, it suits simply men, i’m able to reduce your head and cling at the tree. Bondita recalls anirudh’s words and defends herself. Mami seems on. She assaults the goon and takes the knife. She says you ought to have strength in fingers and mind also, girls can do whatever.

Mami asks her to forestall. Bondita says don’t attempt to forestall me these days. Mami says depart this knife. Bondita says you must do what i say, get away. She runs out. Anirudh comes and asks in which is bondita. He beats the goon. The girl looks on and hides. The goon runs. Mami attempts to run. Anirudh calls out bondita. He asks where is bondita. Mami says i don’t recognise. Anirudh says i can burn everything, even you, tell me, wherein is she. Mami says she just ran away. Anirudh asks did you are making her run with all and sundry. Mami says i don’t recognize whatever. He is going out to search for her. Bondita calls out anirudh. He shouts bondita. He sooner or later sees her and smiles. Bondita gets dizzy. The girl takes chilli powder and throws at anirudh. She takes bondita together with her. Bondita receives conscious. She sees the woman and receives taken aback.


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