Bapuji made a full-fledged plan to implicate Bogilal, but there is no backstabbing!

Once again, in Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses (Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah), the people of Gokuldham have decided that they will savor the sly and the Makkar people, and this time it is the turn of Bogilal who seized 50 lakh rupees of Jethalal. is. After the reality is revealed, Bapuji has prepared a full proof plan, but will all the society together really catch Bogilal or will he once again dodge everyone and escape?

Bogilal arrives at Jethalal’s house to buy property

Jethalal is going to sell the property to make a payment of 50 lakhs. Sundarlal has also decided to talk to the party for this. But everyone got shocked when it came to know that Bogilal was going to buy this land which was declaring itself bankrupt. At the same time, when the truth has been revealed in front of everyone, everyone together has made a plan to funnel Bogilal and withdraw the money stuck to Jethalal.

Societies nervous about seeing bodyguards

Well, the plan is ready but fear those bodyguards who are present like a shadow with Bogilal. In such a situation, the sociologists do not understand how to catch Bogilal if he is caught. Although all the members are present at Jethalal’s house, but still they are scared that Bogilal should not run away. Now the question is whether Bapuji will really sell this property of the forefathers or will Bogilal pay the loan of Jethalal. Well, if you look at the history of Tarak Mehta’s upside down glasses , it is not going to be so easy. The uproar will be tremendous but the audience will only laugh.


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