Bandi Sanjay: The Name Of The Movie Shown At Pragathi Bhavan Is “Neninthe – Na Batukhinte”: CM KCR held a media conference yesterday and released videos on the purchase of Moinabad MLAs. Moreover, he criticized the way BJP is being adopted along with the top leaders. In this context, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay responded to CM KCR’s comments. On this occasion, Bandi Sanjay magazine released an advertisement. BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar said that Chief Minister KCR, who was scared after receiving definite information that his son was going to be arrested in the liquor scam, started a new drama at Pragathi Bhavan yesterday. As a part of that, he tried to convince by showing his own story-screen play-directed movie titled “Neninthe – Naa Batukhinte” in Pragati Bhavan. But he said that there is nothing new in that movie and people are hating it. He said that no matter how many dramas KCR does, he cannot save his child in the liquor scam. He said that the MLAs who have already been sold once are OLX pieces and the attempt made by showing them as heroes have flopped. Former MPs Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, Ravindranayake, State General Secretary G. Premender Reddy, Secretary Dr. S. Prakash Reddy, Secretary Dr. S. Prakash Reddy, Umarani, officials along with NV Subhash, CH. Vithal, J. Sangappa, and others spoke to the media in a media conference held at the party’s state office today.

Highlights of it…

• “Neninthe – Na Batukinthe” movie. A childhood story recalls cow grazing. If you see the movie that KCR showed yesterday, it is the same. That’s a big drama. The society of Telangana made sense.
• KCR is in depression. There is a discussion about why he is afraid. The reason for this is the baby liquor case. Totally stuck. She is tense about the situation.
• That’s why Joe was released without CBI coming. KCR… case booked in Delhi. Will the CBI sit there? They can come at any moment… an inquiry can be made. Can be arrested and taken away. Knowing this, he wanted to divert this case.
• For many years no leader in the country believes. He did not care if he had a meeting with farmers’ associations and went to all the states. That’s why KCR wrote the script in Farmhouse. He went to Delhi and invited artists. After that come to Hyderabad and call CS, DGP, and CP and read this script… Only if we do this we will get out.
• Muhurtam started on 26th October. At 11.30 in the morning, an Animuthyam (who has a list of strange brothers..) lodged a complaint with the police. Immediately at 12.30, the location artists came to the CP police. Fixed electronic gadgets. Fake pearls arrived at 3.15. The movie has started. The movie was recorded for more than 4 hours. According to that calculation, the movie ‘Neninthe – Na Batukinthe’ should run for 7 hours and 28 minutes. After that Panchnama should be done. The accused and MLAs should be taken to the police station. The statement should be recorded.
• But the fake pearls were taken to Pragati Bhavan… the fake gang was taken to the station. How come Caesar Panchnama is done at 7 PM before the movie is over?
• 100 crores, 15 crores found… and what is that money? e
• The important thing is.. if the movie is played in the farmhouse on the 26th, two Hawaii will be taken and the panchanama will be written beforehand and the signatures will not be taken on the 27th. What is this?
• Due to this, along with the script, the Panchanama was prepared in Pragati Bhavan. The signatures on the panchanama were not taken the next day.
• When we know Amit Shah, Modi, Santosh… how can we not believe it? KCR says we know the robbers in Charlapalli. They said that the stolen passport was given to KCR. Can we believe it?
• You have a history of making stolen passports when you didn’t have the technology. Now you are the teacher of those who make rogue Aadhaar cards and PAN cards..
• Why are those MLAs OLX?
• What KCR said… Prakash Raj played a scene from the movie “Pokiri”
• That MLA Guvvala Balaraje told why he came to the farmhouse (played the video he told NTV.)
• What do we have to do with Tushar? He is BDJS (Indian Dharma Janasena).
• KCR will do anything to save his child, family, and power. A person who seeks the destruction of others.
• KCR’s job is to observe the MLAs. Because he does not know who will join which party.
• KCR who killed democracy… He talks about democracy without shame… He bought 37 people from Santalo Pashuvulleka.
• What to do if you really join the party… If you change the party, you should resign and contest the election. BJP is doing it.. and what are you doing.. have you bought everyone?
• Among the 37 MLAs, Okayama was directly given the post of minister. Errabelli Dayakar Rao who was then in TDP.. Talasani Srinivas Yadav who took oath against the constitution is ineligible to be a minister. He wanted to be sacked immediately.. and then he didn’t even buy Errabelli.
• On that day Thalasani Emannadu… Bidda… Are you talking after learning lessons from KCR Chandrababu? Is there blood? Yadikochinav after studying yada.
• BJP will hand over Telangana responsibilities to one of Telangana’s Animutya… The Center will not give us an appointment. It is a shame that you are the one who is in the rooms without giving an appointment. You have a cart Sanjay…Kishan Reddy is not able to sleep.
• KCR… if you really have evidence why didn’t you submit it to the court? Moreover, on Twitter… No one should talk because the case of the 4 MLAs is under the jurisdiction of the court. isn’t it
• He said that the press should be buried at a depth of 10 km. Is it a court case? He wants to protect the legal system.
• All KCR is doing is drama… you have no right to talk about democracy. You don’t meet people. If you apply RTI, you don’t give answers. Are you filing cases if you talk? Cannot speak in the assembly. If you speak, you will be suspended. Writing human rights in Telangana. You are taking the usura of the poor. Thousands of crores are being stolen by trampling on the promises given.
• Not only Liquor cases.. Drugs case, Kaleswaram, Naeem Diary, and Miapur land files are also going to be taken.
• Even if you put your head down and legs up, no one will believe your words.
• Why can’t those 4 MLAs be brought before the media and talked about? Why did you leave it under the hood? Why don’t you answer the media’s questions?
• Koppula Eshwar is very good. He insulted such a Dalit minister yesterday (playing a video..) He is afraid of what the CM will do if he talks to me now. He is the only Dalit minister in the cabinet. At that time (in 2014) called Koppu and hoped that he would be given a ministerial position. Believing in his words, he does not dream of sewing a suit. Shocked to see Tellari’s list.
• Is it true that Koppula was offered the post of Deputy CM? isn’t it Is it true that the position will not be given if your son fights? isn’t it
• Such a vile, stupid KCR will talk about honest Modi, JP Nadda, BL Santhosh, Amit Shah? Who are you and what is your history? If we open our mouths.. you can’t stand it?
• Why aren’t you talking about the liquor case? In Yadadri, he swore in wet clothes that the BJP had nothing to do with the purchase of those 4 MLAs that I mentioned. why didn’t you come
• He is doing this drama audio show because he is afraid that if the child Kavitha is arrested in the liquor case… all the existing MLAs will leave TRS.
• Whoever joins BJP, we will demand resignation and a public verdict. We will contest the BJP symbol. And what do you do? If Poni takes those 4 people, will the government collapse? No. If the by-election is to be held… the election should be held in 6 months. there should be another year’s deadline.
• We are asking for a CBI inquiry into the matter of those 4 people and an inquiry with the sitting judge. Why don’t you want to? Why are you afraid? Why not prove honesty?


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