Bandi Sanjay Hot Comments: CM And Home Minister Should Be Included As Witnesses In MLA Purchase Case: BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar has made sensational comments to include CM KCR and Home Minister Mahmood Ali as witnesses in the case of the purchase of four MLAs in Telangana. He said that there is no chance that the facts will come to light through the SIT appointed under the auspices of the state government. He asked that a special investigation team be appointed under the supervision of a sitting judge of the High Court to know the facts. They have approached the High Court on the same issue. Bandi Sanjay interacted with the media at the residence of former MP G.Vivek Venkataswamy in Ramgundam NTPC Jyotinagar this evening. It is foolish to want to block the visit of Prime Minister Modi who is coming for the development of the state. He alleged that this conspiracy is happening under the CM. When the Prime Minister comes to the state, KCR is a man who does not even have the culture to be welcomed as the Chief Minister. Same as in the past.. once it is called covid. Bandisanjay expressed his anger that he is a fool who does not follow the protocol by making excuses like this.

Injustice has been done to Telangana. KCR, who is repeatedly spreading bad propaganda that the Center is not giving funds… If that is true, then the Prime Minister himself is coming to the state… Why is he not being asked directly? Bandi commented that the Prime Minister’s visit can be used as a platform to address the problems of the state. They want to answer the promise of CM KCR that he will provide free urea to all the farmers during the last election. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is providing urea to farmers at the lowest price on a subsidy basis. He also said that like in the past, farmers are waiting in line for urea and waiting for days. Modi is dedicating the Ramagundam Fertilizer Factory to the Nation to eliminate urea shortage in the country. At present, one ton of urea costs 40,000, while giving a subsidy of 35,000 to the farmers, Rs. Bandi Sanjay revealed that they are offering only 5 thousand.Read Also: MLA Purchasing Case: Arguments concluded in Nampally court

The prime minister is coming to the inauguration ceremony of the construction of national highways in the state with funds of thousands of crores. Do you want to stop them from doing that?… They demanded that the people answer why they want to stop them. He said it is a shame to see the communists drinking from the CM’s elbow trying to block the Prime Minister’s visit. According to the report given by the Biswal Committee, have 1.91 lakh jobs been filled? Are salaries and pensions paid properly? Bandi Sanjay demanded that the communists should answer why the CM was drinking water from his elbow.

In the past, SIT was filed on all the issues like the KCR Naeem case, intermediate paper leak, Miyapur lands, and drugs case. But what happened to those inquiries? What was done other than blackmailing the SIT report? Who got justice? We are fighting a legal battle over the case of four MLAs. Bandi Sanjay said that there is no need to ignore the allegations of Congress. We are collecting evidence on CM’s corruption and irregularities. Investigations will be done. Bandi Sanjay revealed that everything will be revealed soon.


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