Banaras Movie Review: Banaras (Dubbed): Banaras Movie Review: The translated movie ‘Banaras’ hit the screens on November 4. This movie made with the new hero Zaid was simultaneously released in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi languages. There is no doubt that a new movie will be so exciting. But this Zaid Khan comes from the family of Jameer Ahmed, a famous political leader in Kannada. ‘Banaras’ is directed by Jayathirtha, who has earlier produced popular Kannada films like “Olave Mandara, Beautiful Manasugalu, and Bell Bottom”. It is true that this movie got some momentum in the Kannada area!

Coming to the story of ‘Banaras’ – Siddharth comes and tells Dhani that he is from the future and that he is her future husband. Dhani, who is interested in topics like time travel, believes it to be true. Dhani, who has never fallen in love, believes Siddharth’s words and takes him to her room. While she is sleeping there, Sidh takes a selfie. He sends it to his friends. Siddh says that he won the bet if he cut it and he should take it to foreign as per Anna’s word. Sidh’s friends bet him that it will not be easy to get rid of that girl. Side is taken on a foreign trip because of his defeat. There a dwarf man discusses ‘time travel’ with a group of Sikhs. Gradually he adds the tablet to Sidh’s drink. Sid makes a fuss. After finally returning to Hyderabad everyone hates Siddh in the college. The reason for that is that his friends shared the photo he took with Dhani on social media! Unable to bear the comments, Dhani goes to Banaras to her relatives Babai and Pinni. Side is shocked to know that. He scolds the friend who did that. He is overwhelmed with the pain of cheating on a girl. His father sees his son’s situation and advises him to go and meet the girl and apologize. After learning that Dhani is in Banaras, he sings many songs and finally meets Sidh. There he is assisted by a photographer. But Sidh often has a dream. In it, Dhani, her father, and Pinni are seen murdered. He is worried that something will happen to Dhani and her relatives as the same thing comes again and again. Finally, Siddh goes to her father and Pinni’s house, who is rich. There will be a dwarf man who appeared abroad. What happened after that? Is time travel really possible? What happened to Dhani and Sidh is the rest of the story!

Rating: 2 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: Zaid Khan, Sonal Monterio, Sujay Shastra, Devaraj, Achyut Kumar
  • DIRECTOR: Jayathirtha
  • MUSIC: B. Ajanish Loknath
  • PRODUCER: Tilakraj Ballal

Zaid Khan looks like Hindi hero Ayushmann Khurana. Director Jayathirtha was able to get a good performance with him. At the beginning of the story, it is quite interesting to talk about the past, present, and future times by saying ‘time travel’. After that everything goes as usual. The story does not progress in the second half. The audience’s patience was tested by showing the same scene three times in three different ways. Sonal Monterio looks flawless in the role of heroine Dhani. Among the rest of the characters, Devaraj is the only one who is familiar to Telugu people. The scope of his role as the hero’s father is very limited. Even if the music is catchy, the audience will not be able to enjoy it as their patience has already worn out. “Kannu Terachina Pata…” is entertainingly composed. The director has shown the places in Banaras very well. It can be said that Advaita Gurumurthy’s camera work has also worked well.

Plus Points:
– The story takes place in Banaras
– Making Values

Minus Points:
– Not very interesting story, narrative
– Thrilling scenes
– Music that can’t be entertained

Rating: 2/5

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