Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Diwari coming to Maadi Baa and thinking to inform her regarding the marriage. She tells her that there is something which she should be known to her. She says that Anandi. All at once Anandi coming there and tells that she needs to converse with converse with Maadi Baa. Diwari requests that she return later. Anandi demands to talk briefly. She lets Maadi Baa know that she discovered something when she was cleaning thakur ji’s utensils and shows the basuri. Maadi Baa gets glad and says this is my thakur ji’s basuri/woodwind, I was looking through it since numerous days.

She likes Anandi and requests that she go. Diwari thinks she is by all accounts content with Anandi, and says on the off chance that she may take wrong, Babu ji will toss me out of the house. Kanku and Jigar get back home. Anandi says they will play. Kanku says she can’t play, as she needs to do bunch study with her companions. Jigar gets some information about playing with him and says he needs to present his undertaking and asks Sejal when pappa will come. Sejal requests that Anandi play alone. Anandi says she was distant from everyone else since morning. Prem ji discloses to jigar about the task. Anandi wishes to chip away at the task with him. Maadi Baa yells requesting that she get garments from patio. Later Anandi brings the garments and draws close to Jigar to see the venture.

Jigar asks her not to draw close to him. There is a paste fallen on the ground. Diwari comes to Anandi and requests that she overlap all the garments appropriately so she doesn’t have to press it. Anandi folds the saree and thinks to go to Jigar to see the task. Maadi Baa requests that Anandi serve the food in the plate and provide for Jigar. Anandi takes the nourishment for Jigar and grins seeing the venture, which is prepared. She draws close to him and steps on the paste. She slips and the food plate falls on Jigar’s task. Anandi tumbles down. Jigar sees his demolished undertaking and gets stunned. Anandi sits on the floor. Jigar reprimands Anandi and asks what did you do duffer? Prem ji and others come there and make Anandi stand. Anandi says stick was on the floor kaku. Prem ji tells jigar that he ought to have been cautious.

Maadi Baa admonishes Anandi for destroying his task and reprimands Prem ji for not seeing jigar’s hardwork demolished. Jigar requests that Sejal send Anandi to her home. Prem ji says Anandi isn’t your adversary and says we will attempt to clean the undertaking. Jigar says all the paste is finished and he can’t make project once more. He says I began dealing with the venture similarly as I came from school, presently I won’t go to class tomorrow. Sejal requests that he have food. Jigar requests that she cause Anandi to have food. Maadi Baa chides Anandi and calls her foreboding. Anandi says she isn’t unfavorable, her Baa says and says I came here as you sent me. Maadi Baa blows up and goes.

Later in the evening, Anandi couldn’t rest and thinks how to help Jigar. She thinks to make gum and says now I saw how to do it. She cooks the rice, grinds something and includes it. She then, at that point, goes to the lobby, considers Prem ji’s words. She searches for scale and thinks to utilize bapu ji’s stick as scale. Maadi Baa gets up, searching for her stick. She thinks on the off chance that I kept it elsewhere and thinks to proceed to check.

Anandi defines boundary with it. Maadi Baa is going to come out, however her foot get hyper-extended. She thinks to actually take a look at it in the first part of the day, figures no one will set out to contact my stick. Diwari thinks her late evening dietary pattern worked. She thinks lets perceive the amount she can bear and switches off the lights to inconvenience her. Anandi figures how I will function without lights. Diwari goes. Anandi welcomes candles and keeps as an afterthought table. Anandi ties the wires and checks if the light is coming in the task, yet at a certain point, light isn’t coming. She thinks if all my hardwork got squandered.

In the first part of the day, Sejal awakens Prem ji and says Anandi isn’t at home. Prem ji gets stressed and calls her. They go to the lobby and discover Jigar’s task prepared and Anandi resting on the floor. Prem ji says this implies Anandi made this undertaking. Sejal says let her rest, accompany me. They acquire Jigar the lobby. Jigar says all undertaking is demolished, presently no one can do anything. He sees his undertaking prepared and Anandi resting there. Sejal says what it’s not possible for anyone to do, should be possible by Anandi. Jigar says this task is made by Anandi.

Prem ji says indeed, she woke up the entire evening and made this task. Jigar says it is extremely delightful. He begins it and sees the water coming. Prem ji says it functions admirably as well. Maadi Baa comes there searching for her stick. Prem ji acclaims Anandi. She yells calling Anandi, seeing her stick. Jigar requests that she see his task. Maadi says who made it once more. Prem ji says Anandi made it. Maadi Baa gets shocked.

Voiceover: Mistakenly or accidentally, the way of progress isn’t ideal for reprimanding, however without help from anyone else acknowledgment.

Precap: Maadi Baa tosses water pail all over and says govt officials are coming to see Bapu ji’s stick and requests that she enhance the house. Anandi says I can clean the floor and my hands can’t contact the rooftop. Maadi Baa gets angry.


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