Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Anandi pronouncing what shall I do to assist Kanku, I experience horrific for her. Sejal says I experience horrific of you, you furthermore mght want to live happy. Anandi says Kanku isn’t indignant on me, she loves me a lot, she desires to have a look at now, its an amazing component to have a look at. Anandi says I may have meals as soon as Kanku smiles. She is going and sees Anand with Kanku. She thank you him. She asks Kanku now no longer to cry. Kanku says forgive me. Anandi asks what did you do. Kanku says please I m sorry. Anand asks Anandi to smile.

Kanku sees the time and says its simply 10 minutes left. She sees the chit. She says sorry Anand, I can’t tick those points. Anandi attempts to go away. Kanku hides and attempts to go away. Sejal comes. Kanku makes a showpiece fall down. Sejal and Anandi come to look. Kanku hides. Anand comes there and saves Kanku. He choices the showpiece. He says sorry to disturb you. Sejal asks him to head and sleep. Anand says I spoke to Kanku, I solved her problem, you furthermore mght move and sleep now. Sejal and Anandi move. He asks Kanku to go away fast. Kanku runs out of the house. Anand is going to the room. He sees Jigar awake. Jigar asks wherein did you move. Anand says I went for a walk, I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Jigar says you don’t want to mislead me, did Kanku depart, inform me. Anand says yes, she left. Jigar says Kanku left and I couldn’t meet her, I want I ought to say bye to her. Anand says I m very tensed approximately her, I desire Madhav types out everything.

Kanku comes to fulfill Madhav. She calls him. He is sleeping. She says why isn’t he answering my calls. She knocks the window. Madhav wakes up and is going to open the window. He sees Kanku and asks what are you doing here. She says I had advised you on video call. He remembers that she is coming to fulfill him and live with him forever. He asks her to return back in. Anandi says I m now no longer getting sleep. Sejal says we need to awaken early and visit the temple, you may be tired, sleep now. Anandi says Kanku could be worried, she could be crying. Sejal says Anand stated she is fine, sleep now.

Kanku says Maadi baa needs my relation to get constant today, it will likely be suitable that we run away. Madhav argues with her. Baa asks why are you shouting, what happened. Madhav says nothing, I turned into analyzing aloud. He says Kanku take a seat down down, concentrate to me carefully, we can’t run away, I love you, I need to spend my complete lifestyles with you, however now no longer this way, you need to move again home, its a huge risk, households get involved, try and understand, move again home.

Anandi is going to look Kanku. Anand stops her. She asks why are you preventing me. He says she is fine, why don’t you agree with me. She says I agree with you, however I need to look her as soon as. Madhav says I will drop you home. She says if all and sundry is aware of that I m now no longer there, then… He says then we can inform the truth. She says fine, come. He says we can move with the aid of using the window. Anand says you won’t want to disturb her sleep, right. Anandi is going. Madhav and Kanku hide. They depart for her home. The climate receives sad. He says we won’t get an car at night, I can’t take you to my home, we can move there, come. Anand says warm chocolate concept is suitable. Anand and Anandi communicate and laugh. He says friends…. and forwards hand. She says we do it this way. They pat on every other’s hands. Jigar comes and appears on.

Childhood friendship is pure. If it remains the equal until the youth, then it is able to extrade into an amazing feeling.

Episode ends.


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