Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Anandi going to Goddess to help her, assuming she fizzles, will get admonished by Maadi Baa. Diwari figures it will be demonstrated in only 6 mins that Anandi don’t know cooking, and Maadi Baa will chide her and when Anandi will come to think about her marriage with jigar, her story is finished. Kumar asks what is her concern? Why she does scheme against the young lady and requests that she have compassion on her. Diwari asks him not to meddle. He demands her not to inconvenience Anandi. Diwari goes to the kitchen and says where did this young lady go? She says the young lady went, don’t have the foggiest idea how is the laapsi. She tastes it and says it is acceptable and scrumptious, she destroyed my arrangement. She thinks what to do and adds sugar in the laapsi and furthermore lemon juice. She blends it and serves it in the bowl. She figures everybody will reprimand her. She comes out and sees Moti Baa applauds her for making scrumptious laapsi and gives her shagun. Maadi Baa says she made delicious laapsi and asks Anandi how she will manage the cash, will have frozen yogurt. Anandi says no, in the event that you say, I won’t eat. Maadi Baa commends her. Anandi says it is acceptable you have brought laapsi and attempts to take bowl from her hand. Maadi baa requests that she give more. Anandi requests that Diwari give the bowl. Diwari tosses the bowl and reprimands Anandi for tossing laapsi. Anandi requests that Maadi Baa give laapsi as she is senior. Maadi Baa grins. She is going to taste the laapsi, yet provides for Diwari. Diwari thinks she needs to eat it in any case. Maadi Baa asks how is it? Diwari signs great. Maadi Baa chides Anandi when she snickers at Diwari.

Later Anandi converses with Ratan and tells that she made delicious laapsi. Ratan says I missed it. Anandi says she will make for everybody. Diwari offers dress to Anandi and requests that she tell who helped her in making laapsi. Jigar slams into Anandi and the shading from his hand falls on his shirt and furthermore on Anandi’s dress given by Diwari. Jigar attempts to wipe the stain with her dress. Prem ji comes and stops Jigar, and chides him respectfully. Anandi says Diwari gave her dress which is ruined. Diwari actuates Jigar against Anandi. Jigar says she disturbed me a great deal and called me. He says she had come to call Ratan kaki, yet she was unable to settle on a decision. Diwari inquires as to whether she saw some video. He checks and shows the video of laapsi formula. Diwari checks out it and shows to maadi Baa. Maadi Baa says she will rebuff her in various manner. Anandi comes to Maadi Baa and sees her room. She thinks it is enjoyable to sit on the swing. Maadi Baa asks would you like to remain here in the evening. Anandi says alright, I will rest on the floor. Maadi Baa asks her not to talk a lot. Anandi apologizes.

Maadi Baa requests that Anandi knead oil on her legs and proceed with it until I request that you stop. Anandi gets strained. Maadi Baa rests on the bed and requests that she stand and back rub her legs. Anandi opens the container and applies on her legs. She says it is exceptionally smelling. Maadi Baa requests that she apply on her legs first and afterward knead. Diwari grins seeing Anandi serving discipline. She gets perspiring. Maadi Baa says I can’t move the fan that side, else oil won’t show the impact. Anandi gets worn out. Maadi Baa requests that she proceed with rub her legs. She inquires as to whether I can drink water? Maadi Baa says alright. Anandi drinks the water and spits. Maadi Baa says I was going to leave you in 15 mins, presently you need to rehash it two additional hours. Diwari thinks Maadi Baa said right, Anandi got rebuffed and she didn’t have the foggiest idea. Anandi begins kneading her legs once more. Diwari grins sitting outside.

Voiceover: If the example is given through torment, then, at that point, the aggravation is recollected, not the learning.

Precap: Diwari requests that Anandi play game with her and gets some information about her. Anandi says you are extremely lovely. Diwari comes clean with Anandi that will be that you are now hitched to Jigar.


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