Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Anand consoling Kanku and asking her to have a chocolate. He asks her how did she meet Madhav. She tells approximately her first meet with Madhav. Jigar appears on. Anand says I recognize, marriage can’t be forced. She says own circle of relatives will in no way agree for this marriage, I m concerned if some thing incorrect occurs with Madhav. Anand says I won’t permit incorrect happen, visit Madhav and keep your study. She says yes, Madhav and I need to live together, guy’s own circle of relatives is coming to look me tomorrow. He says don’t worry, I will assist you move out. She says I understand Anandi will assist me. Anandi comes and says no, I won’t permit Kanku run away. They get shocked.

Anand says you stated you may assist Kanku. Anandi says its incorrect, my dad taught me that eloping is incorrect, you won’t run away. Anand says if she remains right here, then the own circle of relatives gets her married to anyone, Madhav is there together along with her to attend to her. Anandi says enough, strolling away is incorrect, you don’t educate some thing to Kanku, if she doesn’t need to marry, then she will have another way, she will hide, I will assist her, they’ll now no longer see Kanku however she won’t run away, I will inform anybody in case you don’t pay attention to me.

She is going. Jigar says I need to make Anand 0 in Anandi’s eyes, it’ll be fun. Mehul asks Bhairavi why is she sad. She says I want we ought to assist Kanku. Anand comes. Mehul says selection might be theirs. She says I understand, however… communicate to Prem once, perhaps he can assist, its approximately a girl’s future. Anand says thank you Maa for telling me that I m doing proper, I will store Kanku and her future. Mehul says I suppose we have to now no longer intervene of their non-public matter, we are able to move lower back in few days. He is going. Anandi talks to a doll. Diwari comes and appears on.

She says my doll Sona is crying, her own circle of relatives is forcing her to marry, she desires to study, its incorrect, her marriage shouldn’t be carried out now. Mehul and Bhairavi appearance on. Diwari says Sona’s dad and mom need her happiness, Sona have to do what anybody wants, whilst she grows up, she can be able to understand it. Anandi asks why is Sona crying. Diwari says she doesn’t understand proper and incorrect now,

forestall those video games now. She is going. Bhairavi says Anandi is young, however sensible. Anandi involves Kanku. She says sorry, I attempted however they didn’t recognize me. Kanku cries. Anandi says I even have every other idea, you name Madhav right here to look you, he’ll say that he’ll marry you later. Kanku says this can’t happen. Anandi asks why, is he now no longer well, communicate to him. Kanku says no, he isn’t right here. Anandi says communicate to him. Kanku says Madhav’s telecellsmartphone isn’t working, he stated he’ll name me whilst he receives a brand new telecellsmartphone. Anandi says my plan failed, I will think about some thing else, don’t think about strolling away,

its incorrect, don’t are available Anand’s words. She is going. Kanku says I m helpless, its the most effective alternative left for me. She packs her bags. Jigar comes there. He thinks its the proper threat to expose that I m with them, I need to make Anand fall of their eyes. She says I became arranging my cupboard. He asks her to preserve moist tissues to get stored from dirt, due to the fact she is eloping with Madhav, Anand is supporting her. He says I m with you, sorry. He acts to cry. He packs her bag. She cries and hugs him.

She says you understood me now, I m at peace. He asks whilst are you going. Jigar involves Anand and allows him. Anand says thank you. Jigar says sorry, I blamed you whilst Kanku is towards her marriage, Kanku stated that she can be able to depart the residence tomorrow, I m concerned that she may also get caught. Anand says don’t worry, she can be able to depart for faculty after which now no longer come lower back, nobody will doubt her. Jigar says wow, its a pleasing plan. They misinform sleep. Jigar is going out. Anandi thinks of Kanku. She says what shall I do to assist Kanku. She hears Jigar coughing. She is going to look him. He says I m concerned for Kanku, she shouldn’t get married. She says I m additionally concerned for her. He says this example is dangerous, we need to be cautious that our call doesn’t spoil.

Voiceover: Thinking of the brand new technology is broader than the elders.

Jigar makes Diwari trap Kanku with the bag. Diwari tests the bag. Anand and Anandi worry..


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