Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins when Prem Ji tells Sehar to take Anandy to the room and put him to sleep. Sehal prevents him from stepping on the gum floor. Jigger remembers his gums falling to the ground and tells Sehar that it’s mine, not Anandy’s. Sehal says you may not have done it on purpose. She says it’s good that you noticed your mistake. Jigger says Anandy created my project, she’s not stupid, she’s smart. Dingli arrives at Kimji’s house and she insists on talking to Anandy. Kimji talked to Premji, and Anandy said she had ever slept. She says Rattan will scold her.

Dingli asks if Prem the Kaka didn’t say when to return. Rattan says immediately. Anandy was sleeping in the room when Mardy Bar brought a bucket of water and threw it at Anandy’s face. Anandy stood up in amazement. Maadi Baa asks how long she sleeps. Anandy says I didn’t sleep all night. Maadi Baa asks him to get ready and bahus says he won’t sleep anymore. She asks him to prepare while government officials go home to meet Bapji’s staff. Anandy comes out and asks Sehar if Jigger has participated in his project. Sejal told him he was very happy and he then told him you did a good project.

Can Anandy see and touch Takuruji’s clothes? Mardy Bar stops her and asks her to clean her house. Mr. Anandy says that the roof of the house is so small that it cannot be cleaned. Mardy Bar scolds her. Anandy approaches Premji and asks her to bring her book so she can study. Premuji says you didn’t like going to school before. Anandy says she now likes to understand the meaning of education and study. She says Premuji is good.

She says she did a good job of dropping Anandy to Premji’s house because she knew that Anandy’s teacher had come to her house and her marriage was correct. She says Anandy’s childhood will be affected and asks them to call her, or she will lose her research. Kimji says he will call her soon. Rattan says the same thing. Anandy sits on a crib and rocks. Maadi Baa calls her and asks if her house is completely clean. Anandy cleans and cleans up what is stored on the dresser. Then he stays at the table to clean Almari. Find Bapuji staff. Maadi Baa calls her and asks her to take her stick.

I think Anandy understands it correctly and tells Jigger that I kept it in Murdy Barr’s words. Maadi Baa and Babuji talk to government officials about Bapuji’s staff. Maadi Baa asks you to bring it fast. When Anandy tries to slide down the stairs, the stick falls to the ground and breaks. Anandy came off. Maadi Baa says he knew it was beautiful, can’t you walk right? Anandy says she is slipping and trying to fall. Diwali scolds her. Authorities say the girl is right. Maadi Baa asks you not to interfere with his household chores. She asks them to leave. They have gone. Babji says Anandy, these were our precious things. Anandy says it was also valuable to me. Mardy says you would have fallen, but why did you drop the stick? Anandy goes to her room and tries to pack up his luggage. Sehar asks him to stay there for a few days, and Rattan and Kimji say I couldn’t keep you happy that their daughter would think they were sadly back. She is called Rattan. Rattan asks if they hang out together. Sehar asks her to talk to Anandy.

Anandy wipes her tears away and greets her. Rattan asks if he is crying. Anandy says no, oysters joking, my eyes are full of tears from excessive laughter. Rattan says you scared me. They end the call. Jigger goes home and calls Anandy. Does Sehar ask what happened? What do you think Anandy did? Jigger shouts my name when they scold me again. She leaves. Jigger asks you to come to him and tell him what it is. Anandy says there are stars and something is written in English. Jigger says a great job, which means the project is good. Anandy smiled. Jigger shows Anandy and others the trophy.

He appreciates your help and gives you chocolate. Have fun with Anandy and Kank. Maadi Baa and Diwali appear to be upset. Sehar rug. Anandy says that if Mar and Bab see this project, they will be happy. Jigger asks Kunk to click on the photo while holding the trophy with Anandy. Click the photo for Kansai International Airport. Jigger looks at the photo and says that Cancdidi’s phone is old. He asks you to click on a picture of your phone and sends it to Kimji. Maadi Baa called Anandi and thanked him for helping Jigar. She takes the trophy from his hand. Anandy smiled.

In advance: Marriage of a child deprives the girl of basic rights to play and education and puts a strain on traditions and responsibilities that make the child’s spirit incomprehensible. In advance: Anandy asks two men by phone. They said they bought it in the city and he gave him a necklace and asked him to bring his cell phone. Anandy gives him Mangalstra and he brings their cell phone.


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