Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Ratan telling Anandi that Maa Ashapura has known as Moti Baa. Anandi says that is wrong, how can Maadi Baa depart me? Ratan says you’ve got got everyone, however Maa Ashapura doesn’t have every person so she known as Moti Baa. She asks her to move and get equipped, as they need to visit Raigarh. Anandi says I will include you, however promise me that you’ll now no longer depart me there. Khim ji guarantees her that they may carry her again. Anandi asks him to maintain his hand on her hand and promise her.

He guarantees her. Ratan additionally guarantees Anandi. Khim ji says we promise to carry you again to Devgarh. Anandi comes equipped sporting the ghagra given via way of means of Prem ji. Khim ji asks her to put on a few easy clothes. Prem ji cries and tells that it’s miles his mistake, he shouldn’t have allow Anandi move. If she could had been right here, then Baa wouldn’t have left us. He sees Khim ji, Ratan and Anandi coming there.

He hugs Khim ji and cries. Khim ji attempts to pacify him. Anandi hugs Prem ji and cries. Prem ji asks Anandi to look that her moti baa left leaving them on my own. Maadi Baa involves Anandi and says in which did you move, see what has passed off right here? Anandi says now I can’t meet her again. Maadi Baa says her love and values may be with you always. Sejal involves Anandi and asks her to include her. Ratan holds her. Maadi Baa asks Ratan to sit. Sejal takes Anandi with her. She makes Anandi put on white saree and explains to her that she shall put on it being part of the house. Anandi asks if I want to play this recreation again, as I am now no longer married yet. Sejal says sure and makes her put on mangalsutra again. She then applies sindoor in her forehead.

Prem ji thank you Khim ji for bringing Anandi there. Khim ji says I actually have 1/2 of proper to your sorrows too, and says this isn’t always the proper time, however your own circle of relatives is huge and abruptly this issue passed off. He says in case you need any assist then inform me. Prem ji says I will deal with the entirety and asks if Anandi agreed to return back right here at first. Khim ji says no, however she agreed while we advised approximately Moti Baa. Prem ji says Anandi and Moti Baa used to like every other, while she left from right here, Baa went. Khim ji asks him to address himself. Maadi Baa thinks actual check of friendship continues to be remaining. Sejal brings Anandi there. Khim ji and Ratan get stunned seeing her sporting white saree. Anandi folds her fingers earlier than Moti Baa’s picturegraph frame.

Ratan makes meals for everyone. She asks in which is tea powder? Anandi offers her. Ratan asks how do you know? Diwari comes there and says she used to paintings right here. She says it became your want that she examine cooking so she made meals right here. She says she has made laapsi too looking on telecellsmartphone, eparticularly Baa. She says now she isn’t anyt any more. Ratan asks how a great deal meals desires to be prepared?

Diwari says many humans will come these days and asks her to make a great deal meals. She asks Anandi to carry kadai from storeroom and is giving her keys. Ratan asks her to take kaka’s assist to carry the kadai. She asks why are you scared. Diwari says Anandi is fearful of storeroom, as Maadi Baa had locked her withinside the room all night time. Ratan is stunned. Diwari apologizes to Anandi and says I had forgotten it. Ratan asks Anandi why Maadi Baa had locked her. Diwari says I will inform you, allow her move and convey kadai. Anandi takes keys and goes.

Diwari says Anandi had offered her mangalsutra for telecellsmartphone and that’s why she had locked her to present her a learning. Anandi thinks why Diwari is telling her. She involves the storeroom and remembers being locked there. She receives scared and thinks I need to move there on my own again. Diwari says she became on my own all night time withinside the storeroom and you may apprehend why Maadi Baa were given angry, if mangalsutra may be offered. Ratan says why punished her so huge. Diwari says Maadi Baa’s cause became to present her learning. She tells Sejal and Prem ji couldn’t communicate infront of Maadi. She says I went there and fed her meals. Anandi attempts to open the lock and receives stunned while a person snatches keys from her hand.

Voiceover: People who enjoy pride in ache are truly mentally ill themselves.

Precap: Khim ji and Ratan are leaving. Prem ji says I don’t need Anandi to depart. Maadi Baa says we need our bahu at our house.


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