Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kanku’s marriage occurring with a plant. Anandi thinks that is wrong. Kanku thinks I m doing this for Madhav. Maadi baa thinks now Kanku’s marriage won’t get any hurdle. Anandi asks how can this rituals provide a protracted lifestyles to Kanku’s could be husband. Pandit says marriage is completed. Kanku cries. Later, Anandi says puja is over, I will do away with the flora from here. Jigar and Anand come home. Jigar says health practitioner gave the identical medicines, I m tired,

I will cross and sleep, you furthermore mght sleep now. Anand says I m additionally tired. Jigar jokes. They see Anandi doing the work. Anand says we are able to assist her. Jigar says go away it, she can be able to do, there has been a puja at home. He is going. Anand is going and enables Anandi in her work. Anandi asks what are you doing. He asks what are you doing. She jokes on him. They speak and select out the flora across the havan kund. She says its done. She says yes. They chuckle.

At the college, Anandi meets her pals and desires glad diwali. She talks to them and is going to the elegance. Sejal says the whole thing were given fine. Principal calls her. She answers. She offers diwali desires. She asks is Anandi fine. He says yes, I desired your assist, I attempted to name Prem, he is probably busy, we’ve got an annual poetry competition. The trainer tells the scholars approximately the poetry competition. She says we could see, who’s the fortunate student. Anandi talks to her pals. Teacher asks her to face up. Anandi worries. Teacher says Anandi is chosen from this elegance for the competition, she can be able to take part from group B. The women clap for her and desire her. Anandi says however how will I do this.

Teacher says I will provide you with the topic. Mehul receives the leader visitor invite from the principal. Principal says you and Bhairavi are doing the splendid work, we are able to be proud in case you each come. Mehul jokes. He says Bhairavi and I will come, we’re honestly honoured. Bhairavi says Mehul spoils the youngsters a lot, he receives glad if their complains come from college, he asks them to play games. He says its precise for youngsters’ intellectual health, I m glad to turn out to be the leader visitor, youngsters shouldn’t recognise this, their overall performance shouldn’t be affected, we are able to hold this a surprise. Sejal asks Bhairavi to put on conventional garments tomorrow. Bhairavi says that’s a excellent idea, I will put on the blue saree, oh no,

I left all of the sarees in US. Sejal says you may put on mine. Bhairavi says sorry. Mehul says she has no addiction to put on others’ garments, she doesn’t like 2d hand things, she explains youngsters that sharing is caring. Bhairavi says its an antique addiction, don’t experience bad. Sejal says its precise. Mehul says I even have a problem, we are able to purchase a brand new saree for you, we are able to cross for shopping. Bhairavi says we are able to cross later.

Anandi says I ought to write the poetry after which memorize additionally. Her pals say we are able to assist you, Jigar comes and says I m very glad, I m decided on from my elegance for the poetry competition. The female says congrats, Anandi is chosen from our elegance, say congrats to her now. Jigar asks what, you each are fooling me. Anandi says its true, my elegance trainer decided on me in group B. He says it manner you’ll compete with me, I m in group A. Sejal, Diwari and Maadi baa speak approximately Bhairavi.

Sejal says my pal changed into additionally such, she by no means shared a ee-e book with anyone. Anand says I could have come alongside for shopping, I desired to shop for a present for Diya, she honestly cares for me. Mehul hugs him. He asks are you okay. Anand says I have become emotional after coming here, I m fine, I will simply take a stroll outside. He is going. Bhairavi cries and says he loves Diya a lot. Mehul says yes, he’s similar to his name, he pleases every person and brings happiness in every person’s lifestyles.

Anandi attempts to put in writing a poem. She prays. Jigar comes and jokes on her. He says you may’t do this, you may’t write an english poem, returned out from this competition. She asks him to assist her. He says you’re from the alternative group, we don’t assist a competitor, the whole college will chuckle on you tomorrow. She worries.

Masum sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave. She follows them. Meet messages Manushi to fulfill her


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