Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Anandi telling that she can’t crush any longer and can’t do this repentance. Sejal says I know, yet you have do to repentance. Ratan requests that she do and says you are my valiant little girl. Anandi says I am not lying. Ratan goes from that point crying. Diwari comes behind her and says tomorrow we will call Bua ji and will get another compensation for Anandi. She can’t finish this atonement. Ratan returns to Anandi. Anandi says I can’t do this. Ratan requests that she leave it. Sejal asks what are you saying? Ratan says I am saying truth, today she has refuted her bapu, he told that his little girl is exceptionally brave, yet she isn’t his Anandi. She doesn’t cry and fulfills the crying individual. He generally says that Anandi is Mata Ashapura’s favors and will keep us glad. However, today he will feel terrible hearing Anandi acknowledged disappointment with the little thing. Anandi sees injuries on all fours Bapu is correct, Anandi can’t see him losing and implores God to help him. Anandi pounds quick. Jigar and Kalpesh help her certainty. Jigar says only 5 mins is remaining. Anandi grinds 3 kgs moong. Ratan says my little girl has done her repentance. Jigar and Kalpesh grins. Sejal embraces Anandi. Diwari gets vexed.

Anandi inquires as to whether she isn’t furious with her now and requests that she have bhog and rest. She asks Sejal what to do straightaway. Sejal says last rasam is remaining. Anandi asks what is remaining at this point? Sejal shows the jalebis. Anandi tastes it and grins. She says it is exceptionally scrumptious. Ratan requests that she be cheerful consistently. Anandi requests that everybody eat. Ratan gives her jalebis and goes to appropriate to other people. Anandi feels torment in her mind. Khim ji and Prem ji get back. Anandi swoons and tumbles down. Everybody hurry to her and sprinkle water all over. She is as yet oblivious. Prem ji calls specialist. Specialist actually looks at her and says she swooned because of sluggishness. Anandi feels torment as specialist holds her hand. He sees her hand and asks how did the injuries come on your hand. Khim ji and Prem ji get stunned. Specialist asks what she has done that she got injuries? Sejal says for puja. Specialist says it is wrongdoing to cause the children to do any sort of work, regardless of whether it is puja related. He requests that Ratan apply balm on her wounds. Jigar feels terrible for herself and inquires as to whether she is fine at this point. Anandi says she is feeling cold on the injuries, however not fine still. Jigar says you will be fine. Anandi says would i be able to proceed to play? Specialist says training and playing are fundamental for youngster’s development. Prem ji, Khim ji and Ratan feel awful for her.

Ratan tells that she has given her medication and she will be fine. Prem ji likes Anandi’s fortitude and says once she concludes she do it. Anandi says she had rested a lot and likes to play. Jigar asks when she doesn’t rest. Anandi says she doesn’t care for this puja. Jigar, Kalpesh and Kanku take a gander at one another. Prem ji and Sejal apologize to Ratan and Khim ji. Khim ji says it is alright, you individuals didn’t do anything deliberately. Ratan tells whatever happened today was wrong and advises that she needed her gauna to happen when she grown up. She says she needs her to be instructed and remain on her feet like Kalpesh. Khim ji says we will return toward the beginning of the day.

Khim ji discloses to Prem ji that they need to return as Anandi has school and they have work. Prem ji requests that he go once she is fine. He opens the entryway and discovers Bau ji on the entryway. Anandi reveals to Kanku that she jumps at the chance to do garba. Kanku says we will do it together. Anandi says your mom won’t allow us to move. Kanku says we will accomplish something. Baa discloses to Bau ji that she figured she will bite the dust and Prem ji satisfied her desire and finished Anandi’s gauna. He requests that they give him desserts and goes to meet Anandi. Anandi asks what did you bring for me? He says I didn’t realize you was here, so haven’t brought anything and requests that she have drugs for the time being.

He then, at that point shows her chocolates. Anandi says chocolates and gets glad. She says you was tricking me. He says no, you are the universally adored. Ratan requests that Anandi contact his feet and takes his endowments. He stops her and says he is glad that she turned into his fantastic child’s better half. He causes her to have chocolate and Anandi grins. Diwari thinks her sorcery is dealing with him.

Voiceover: The honesty of kids resembles the excellence of blossoms. Enraptures everybody.

Precap: Anandi crashes into an old woman and the last admonishes her. Anandi says even you might have been cautious while strolling. The woman says on the off chance that you was my home bahu, I would have made you directly by steady beating.


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