Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Anand imparting Anandi to mild the diyas. She asks what he likes approximately Diwali? He says Diwali memories. Anandi says even I adore it and tells approximately Ram returning to Ayodhya in this day. He says he is aware of that. Anandi says Baa used to inform the memories and additionally offers the jalebis. Sejal brings jalebis for her and says I am additionally like your mother. Anandi hugs her. Anand asks can I actually have jalebi. Sejal says Anandi doesn’t want to percentage with anyone. Anand says sharing is caring. Anandi offers him jalebis. Sejal is going. Anand takes his selfie with Anandi even as they may be ingesting jalebis. Jigar comes there and sees him taking selfie together along with her. Anand tells him approximately his status, that the female who by no means stocks her jalebi before, shared jalebi with him. Jigar asks Anandi to mild the diyas. Anandi says it’s far all achieved and says now you may burst the crackers. Maadi Baa involves Kanku’s room and asks her to get prepared. Kanku refuses. Maadi Baa returns her telecellsmartphone and asks her to get prepared. Kanku smiles.

Kalpesh calls Jigar and needs him satisfied Diwali. Anandi says that is my mota bhai’s voice. Kalpesh asks if Anandi turned into there. Jigar says sure and offers telecellsmartphone to Anandi. Anandi asks Kalpesh approximately their dad and mom and asks who lit the diyas there. Kalpesh says baa and me. Someone calls Anandi and she or he is going. Kanku is speakme to Madhav and he insists to look her. She sends him, her ear pic. He insists to satisfy her. Anandi comes there and sits to make rangoli. Madhav insists her to desire Anandi satisfied Diwali. Anandi says you already needed me. Cook comes and asks what they would love to have. Anandi says jalebis, and Kanku says dhokla. Madhav receives an concept to satisfy her. He receives prepared and leaves after calling Kanku.

Maadi Baa asks Jigar and Anandi to do aarti collectively. They come collectively to do aarti. Prem ji says I actually have waited for this day, after they do puja collectively for Lakshmi pujan and nowadays that day is arrived. Anand asks why they’ll do puja collectively and says mother had stated that couples do the puja collectively, and asks why are they doing collectively. He says they may be of my age and aren’t married. Prem ji remembers their infant marriage. Jigar says reality is that….Prem ji says after the couples do the puja, youngsters can do puja. Anand asks can I do aarti with them. Prem ji is stunned. Diwari says your Prem ji uncle will now no longer forestall you from doing aarti. Maadi Baa, Sejal and Prem ji are stunned. Jigar is upset. Maadi Baa says that is wrong. Sejal asks Kanku to do the aarti with them. They do the aarti.

Later Diwari, Prem ji and Maadi Baa laugh. Kanku thinks if Madhav comes here. Jigar asks Anand to return back and burst crackers with him. Anand refuses. Jigar asks why is he behaving like girls? Anand asks if men can’t get scared. Madhav comes there. Jigar asks him to hold all of the luggage out. Madhav says first I will hold it inside, after which you may do your work. He receives within the residence and sees Anandi strolling toward him. He hides his face as she is going beyond him. Anandi tells Jigar that she can be able to assist him. Jigar says I will do. Anand says I will assist you, however will now no longer burn the crackers. Kanku thinks Madhav’s name isn’t always reachable. Prem ji tells comic story and every body laughs. Madhav comes there and asks them to consume dhokla.

Sejal says they don’t want. Madhav says Maharaj ji stated that it’s far made on someone’s request. Diwari says Kanku likes it. She calls Kanku. Kanku comes there and says you. Madhav is stunned too. Diwari asks what happened? Kanku says you forgot to feature ketch up in it. Madhav says I will carry malkin. He offers her ketch up. Kanku says love you. Diwari asks what? Kanku says thank you. Madhav spills the ketch up on her get dressed and apologizes. Diwari says if the stain doesn’t pass then I will reduce your pay. She sends Kanku with Madhav. They pass inside.

Jigar bursts the crackers, even as Anand takes their video. Anandi remembers celebrating Diwali together along with her family. Prem ji asks her to burn the phooljadi.

Voiceover: The distance from cherished ones can fade all of the hues at the day of the festival, for a female infant, this ache turns into unbearable.

Precap: Anandi and Kanku sell the display Sirf Tum from 15 November. Anandi rescues Anand and receives hurt, even as every body is gambling with crackers.


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