Balika Vadhu Season 2

Balika Vadhu Season 2 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Champa and her goon run in the back of Anandi to lure her again. Anandi keeps to run. Devraj and Maadi baa come lower back to car. He says I requested each store keeper, however no person is aware of approximately her. Maadi Baa prays that Anandi will be discovered and asks God to assist them. Anandi runs and falls down as she collides with the stone. She shouts Baa. She turns and appears lower back at Champa and her goons. Sejal tells that if something incorrect occurs with her, then she can be able to now no longer forgive herself. Jigar comes on his cycle and asks Anandi to get up, because the goons are coming. Anandi receives up and sits in the back of his cycle. The goons are drawing close them. Jigar unearths the cycle tyre punctured. He pushes the cycle on them, holds Anandi’s hand and asks her to run. They begin running.

Sejal hears the door bell and thinks Prem ji have to have delivered Anandi. She opens the door and unearths Khim ji and Ratan. She prays that Anandi shall go back soon. Ratan hugs Sejal. Khim ji says Anandi’s 10 days depart is over, so we notion to return back and take her lower back. He says we have been lacking Anandi. Jigar and Anandi retain to run and conceal withinside the farm. Jigar tells Anandi that he became looking her in view that a protracted time. Anandi says you got here to shop me. Jigar says yes. Champa asks her goons to go looking the youngsters and seize them. Anandi says how we can break out from right here. Jigar asks why did you elope from domestic. Anandi says Maadi Baa were given very irritated because of you. Jigar says it became now no longer my concept however Diwari faiba’s concept. She says she had instructed that Badi Dadi Maa will will let you cross domestic, in case you inform her the fact. The goon and
Champa ask Anandi to return back out, else she can be able to punish her big. Sejal asks Khim ji and Ratan to take a seat down. Ratan asks wherein is Anandi? Moti Baa comes out. Ratan greets her. Moti Baa sits on sofa. Khim ji and Ratan contact her feet. Ratan asks Sejal to name Anandi. Sejal and Moti Baa have a take a observe every other. Ratan calls Anandi. Diwari comes there and sits, says it is ideal which you have come, Anandi has eloped from domestic. Khim ji and Ratan get shocked.

Khim ji asks what do you mean? Ratan asks Sejal what Diwari is saying? Sejal says the problem is actually. Maadi Baa comes and says there’s nothing. She says Diwari’s youth dependancy continues to be there. Ratan greets her. Maadi Baa asks her to name her Maadi Baa, and says she is Prem ji’s kaki. She blesses them. Khim ji says I didn’t perceive you, however Prem ji used to speak approximately you. Ratan asks wherein is Anandi? Maadi Baa says she went with Prem ji Kaku and could come. She takes Diwari with her.

Anandi prays to the goddess to reveal her manner to head from there. She says if we get stuck then I will now no longer meet my family. She sees a man coming there carrying garments much like Police man. She shouts and prevents the man. Jigar attempts to forestall her. They come to the man. Anandi tells the man that the dancers are in the back of her and need to kidnap her. The man says I am now no longer Policeman. Anandi asks him to behave to be Police men. The man seems on the dancers and shout aloud, telling that he’ll name his officer. He acts to name Police station and asking the officer to ship the crew. Champa and her goons listen him and suppose to break out earlier than the police crew comes there. The man asks Jigar and Anandi to take a seat down in the back of his motormotorcycle and says he’ll drop them domestic. Anandi tells Jigar that she can be able to now no longer visit his house. Jigar says first we will depart from right here. They take a seat down at the motormotorcycle.

Maadi Baa scolds Diwari for telling the fact to Khim ji and Ratan. She says they might have died a thousand deaths listening to this and asks how she will be able to do that being a mom herself. She says in the event that they inform something incorrect listening to the fact. She asks her to be emotional. She says we will take a seat down and speak, till Prem ji brings Anandi lower back. Prem ji receives Sejal’s name. He asks did Anandi go back? Sejal says no, however Ratan and Khim ji got here to take Anandi lower back. Prem ji asks what are you saying? She says Ratan behen is asking her, and we instructed that Anandi is with you. Prem ji says I will deliver her lower back and asks her to preserve them busy till he brings Anandi. Sejal says ok.

Khim ji apologizes to Babu ji for coming unexpectedly with out informing and says we couldn’t live farfar from her and that’s why got here. Moti Baa says you could come right here at anytime. Khim ji says I can’t wait greater and asks while they’ll come.

Sejal gives tea to Khim ji and Ratan. Maadi Baa says they’ll now no longer drink water right here, and you’re giving them tea. Ratan and Khim ji seems on. Diwari says Khim ji and Prem ji are excellent friends. Maadi Baa says family members have changed, and you’re now Prem ji’s samdhi. She says your babu ji on every occasion visits Diwari’s sasural, he used to preserve cash after which take the water. Khim ji maintains the cash and takes the tea. Maadi Baa asks what befell for your hand. Khim ji says the previous day he were given hurt. Jigar asks the man to forestall his motormotorcycle and thank you him. Ratan calls Anandi. Jigar asks Anandi to head internal and says he’ll deliver his cycle. Anandi says no, if I cross internal, then they’ll scold me and could now no longer allow me visit my house. Jigar says no person will scold you, anyone is concerned for you. He asks her to head internal and display her face to them. He says I will speak to Bapu to drop you for your house.

Voiceover: The toddler psyche is aware most effective the language of affection and affection, absolutely rejects the connection wherein there’s no love.

Precap: Anandi comes domestic and sees her parents. She tells that no person listened to her while she requested them to drop her domestic. Ratan and Khim ji seems shocked..


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