Balaramakrishnulu: Three Ten ‘Balaramakrishnu’: Raviraja Pinishetti is the director who seems to be the king of ‘remakes’ after famous director V. Madhusudana Rao. It is remarkable that thirty-fourth of the films directed by him are remakes! Before that, Ravi Raja’s directorial debut ‘Chanti’ with Venkatesh as the hero was a big hit. After the success of that movie, many people rushed to remake it with Ravi Raja. ‘Balaramakrishnulu’, based on the successful Tamil film ‘Cheran Pandian’, also saw light under the direction of Raviraja. The film was released on November 7, 1992.

From the title ‘Balaramakrishnulu’, it is known that this is the story of two brothers. Children born to one father and two mothers are Balaramaiah, Krishnamurthy and Sita. Balaramaiah, son of first wife. Caste matters to him. Krishnamurti, who is the child of the second wife, looks at Sita fondly. But, Balaramaiah and Krishnamurthy are two factions in the village. Balaramaiah’s wife Vasumathi. They have a daughter named Pooja. A girl named Lalita who lives in that village loves Krishnamurthy. Balaramaiah’s distance is because of Chintamani, Balaramaiah keeps his younger brother Krishnamurthy and younger sister Sita away. Their mother is of a low caste and they have a slight feeling about him. Actually, Krishnamurthy’s mother took good care of Balaramaiah when he was young. But the distance between brothers and sisters increases with gossip. Chintamani hopes that Balaramaiah’s daughter Pooja and her son Antarvedi. Krishnamurthy’s brother-in-law Shivaji comes to that town for livelihood. He gets acquainted with Pooja. Then it turns into love. Balaramaiah knows that. Balaramaiah is going to kill his daughter. But, the wife gets in the way. On this pretext, Chintamani hopes that he can marry Balaramaiah’s daughter to his son. Balaramaiah also agrees to that. Then Chintamani begins to pray by saying his name slowly. He brings some useless people and tries to do business in the village as Balramaiah said. Krishnamurti prevents everything. Finally, Krishnamurthy stands by the love of Shivaji and Pooja. Chintamani and his friend Nukaraju attacked Krishnamurthy’s house, which made Balaramaiah angry. Krishnamurthy’s younger sister Sita gets injured in that attack. Even in such pain, it disturbs the elder Balaramaiah. Then when Balaramaiah’s wife explained everything to him, Balaramaiah, who repented, saves his younger sister and brother. Finally, everyone is one, and the real culprits will be eliminated. In that fight, Balramaiah suffered serious injuries. Balaramaiah survives with the blood donation of his younger brother Krishnamurti. Sita also recovers. The wall between the two will collapse until then. The story ends happily when everyone is united.

It stars Shobhan Babu as Balaramaiah, Rajasekhar as Krishnamurthy, Kalpana as Sita, Ramya Krishna as Lalitha, Srividya as Vasumathi, Rajeev as Pooja and Jagapathi Babu as Shivaji. Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Tanikella Bharani, Ramireddy, Brahmanandam, Baboomohan, Maharshi Raghava, and Discoshanthi appeared in the remaining roles. The film is produced by Sunkara Madhumurali under the banner of Vinila Art Productions under the banner of Srisravanti Movies. Tanikella Bharani penned the lyrics for this film, while Veturi, Sitarama Shastri, and Nandigama Gani sang the songs. Music composed by Raj-Koti. The songs like “Ammammo Enniunnayo Nikshemalu…”, “Video Moguduroy…”, “Nee Kavga Ushassuke Namassumanjali…”, “Mastugunnadi…”, “Paga Paga…” were entertaining. The film saw good openings.


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