The husband became so shocked that he resisted killing a pregnant wife of four months for opposing gambling. The family rushed the pregnant woman to the hospital where doctors declared her dead. As soon as he heard the news of death, there was outrage among the family and other people present there. Angry people started assaulting the accused husband. The police, who came on the spot, somehow rescued her husband from the clutches of the crowd and arrested him and brought him to the police station.

Anil Kumar Gupta, a resident of Malkauli in Bagaha Patkhauli police station area, is addicted to gambling. It has been said that there was a fight against his wife Ritu for opposing gambling on the day. On Saturday, when Anil was going to gamble from home, his wife protested. Just on this matter, Anil’s anger reached the seventh sky. He started beating wife Ritu with a stick without thinking. Rit was four months pregnant.

Havan-turned-husband did not even feel for his condition. Neighbors reached the spot after hearing the scream of pregnant M Hila. The seriously injured Ritu was rushed to the hospital for treatment, where the doctor declared him dead.

Police arrested the accused

After the news of Ritu’s death, the family members and others arrived at the hospital caught the accused husband Anil. A fight was started with him. Police reached the spot on the information of this uproar in the hospital . The police barely rescued the accused from the clutches of the crowd and arrested them and brought them to the police station. In this case Patkhauli Police Station Dharamvir Bharti told that no written complaint has come to the police. Further action will be taken after receiving the complaint.



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