Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with shashi and vedika arguing. He asks her to visit ram and tell him everything.

He says my loans will get off if ram and i’ve this deal, i realize your desires and want to fulfill it, i recognize your life-style, you are my spouse i need to present you the best, trust me. He calls sid. He asks sid to inform vedika why he changed into geared up to marry shivi. He says you desired to marry her for the sake of our enterprise. Sid says sure, he is right. Priya waits for ram. Sid receives shubham’s name. Shubham says plan is on, you keep in mind that female, that new actress anjali, she is in debts, she will be able to do whatever for money, we will make her start our plan. Sid says its imp to teach her a lesson, we are able to meet her these days.

Shubham says we have to decide the vicinity. Sid says i m speaking to sandy, she stated akki is shooting this night, anjali is also taking pictures there. Shubham says you are a rockstar, i love it. Shivi asks whom are you speakme. Sandy says new friend, he is clearly humorous, he continually sends jokes. Shivi asks is he handsome. Sandy says no idea, he didn’t placed a percent. Shivi says he is probably a creepy antique guy, higher meet him, don’t go on my own, visit a few crowded location. Sandy says it’ll look awkward, i m dumb in these items. Shivi says silly.

She writes i want to meet. Sid says she will understand it if she meets, i can say we are able to meet and ditch later. He writes we will meet day after today. Sandy writes we can meet on the cafe. Sid says center elegance ladies are so reasonably-priced, i can delete the chat as soon as my paintings is completed. Ram talks to adi. He says adi, make the whole thing as shubham likes, i want him to get glad. Adi says i need to talk something imp. Ram says if dad became right here, then he might be so happy, i had promised him, ship me the deal papers. Adi says pay attention to me, i have to talk approximately shashi.

Ram doesn’t concentrate. He says i’m able to have meals, check the documents and i can come to sign. Adi says let me speak first. Ram says i can’t wait for the food now. He ends call. Anjali cries and hugs akki. He asks what happened, tell me, wipe your tears. She says sorry, i don’t want to hassle you. It gets recorded. He asks her to mention what’s it. She says my boyfriend referred to as me, he blackmailed approximately my video clip.

Akki says i can talk to him, provide me your cellphone. She says leave it, please, i’m able to handle him. He says i will still want to assist, he is calling cash, how an awful lot. She says 10 lakhs. He says loosen up, we can do some thing. She thank you him. He is going. She exams the video. She messages sid. Ram attempts to open the casserole. Priya involves assist her. Shubham and sid have a talk. He says i can see how, how ram unearths this marriage true. Ram says tarun left, its his obligation to be right here. Priya says he would possibly have slept, its 2am, he wakes up at 6am and runs once you, he isn’t a gadget, its great. He says you started out taunting once more. She says i m announcing the reality, you could fall ill if you don’t devour meals on time. He asks are you involved for me. Shubham seems for ram. Ram and priya have a talk. She says you don’t consume nicely, are you taking bp medicines. He says i m going to the room to get my drugs. He gets dizzy.

He says i m getting dizzy. She asks him to move and have drug treatments. His nostril bleeds. She runs to him. He falls down. She asks him to stand up. She cries and asks what took place. Shubham comes and gets taken aback. He runs to ram. He shouts mother. She asks him to call the health practitioner fast. He asks what occurred to him. He calls the health practitioner. He calls adi home. Nandini comes and gets stunned. She asks what happened to him. Mami comes and asks what’s going on, what happened to ram. Priya cries and asks what came about to you, rise up. Mami asks what did you do. Priya says he had the meals and turned into going to the room to take medicines, he fainted down. Mami asks did he devour prawns once more. Health practitioner comes and checks ram. He asks them to take ram to the room.

Shubham lifts ram and takes him. Mami calls shivi. Akki comes home. He answers. Mami asks where is shivi, her brother fainted down. He asks what came about to akki. Mami says don’t recognise, deliver smartphone to shivi. Akki says we are coming. He asks shivi to arise. Shivi asks what’s the hassle, i need to sleep, you furthermore mght sleep. He says ram fell down, he got hurt. She says he will take drugs and get quality, its my first diwali, i want to look true tomorrow. He thinks you don’t care for your brother, we should go there, ram isn’t well, i will go there, priya would be worried. Priya prays for ram. She remembers their marriage.

vedika asks did your own family do something wrong with ram. Priya says vedika, i m priya’s spouse, go out please. Adi says priya is with ram, so i m no longer tensed. Ram smiles seeing priya.


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