Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rakhi pronouncing you won’t pass withinside the marriage, they didn’t invite us. Mahender is going. Rakhi says if he is going there, then he’ll recognise that I actually have despatched Raj there. Priya says baraat will come anytime, in which do we cause them to sit. Maitri asks her to sit. Manager says we’ve a small marriage hall, we prepare marriages a day, your marriage feature is third, its suitable mahurat these days. Meera says Ram Kapoor is the groom, what is going to we inform him. Manager says ask the girl’s dad to speak to him.

Priya says he isn’t here. Manager says sorry, your daughters can communicate. Priya receives irritated and argues with him. Manager says its your marriage these days, don’t cry, live happy. Priya says how shall I live happy, Meera organized this in line with our status, Ram agreed, however Meera might be insulted. He says wait, I will do some thing. Sara asks Priya now no longer to cry, her make-up will spoil. Priya asks what approximately while mum receives the taunts. She says sorry mum, and is going. Meera says in case your dad become here, then he could have handled. Sandy says he isn’t here, we are able to do some thing.

Priya cries. Ram comes and jokes, giving her a kerchief. She asks did absolutely each person come. He asks wasn’t it funny, I can attempt again. She asks did absolutely each person come. He says don’t cry, make-up gets off, you want this here. He indicates her the camera. He says each time our marriage talks happen, you cry, humans regard it abshagun, I m now no longer the basis of the problems. She asks did absolutely each person come, what are you hiding. He says they’ll be coming, they took the highway. She asks why, I instructed you the way.

He says you may scold the baraatis now, in the event that they don’t recognise the usage of the map. She asks how didn’t they reach. He thinks did he pay attention my and manager’s talks and did this. She says first-rate, come in. Raj comes. Ram says I m first-rate here, I can’t pass with out baraatis, I m feeling hungry, we are able to have chinese language, we want energy. She says we are able to have fruits. He says chinese language is tasty. Raj asks the person to offer this tiffin meals to the groom, its unique paneer for him. The guy says its prawns. Raj bribes him and says its the groom’s fav dish, he’ll need to consume non veg, inform him that its paneer for him. The guy agrees. Priya says Brinda stated you can’t consume chinese language, simply fruits. Ram says first-rate, I can have fruits. Raj hides.

The guy asks Ram to have chilli paneer and noodle, unique for him. Ram smiles. Nandini asks Mama to release his phone. Neetu unlocks it. Nandini says I actually have visible Priya and Neeraj’s pic. Neetu says its a video, test it. Nandini tests the video and indicates it to Mama. Neetu says its suitable, I notion the video were given deleted. Nandini says those humans trapped us, this marriage could have now no longer passed off if Shivi’s fake being pregnant reviews didn’t come, you may damage this marriage somehow. Neetu says ship this video to Ram. Nandini says no, he’ll forgive Priya, they cheated me, Priya and her own circle of relatives gets defamed. Mama and Mami/Neetu smile. Nandini says Priya and her own circle of relatives won’t get an area to cover their faces.

Ram says fruit. Priya asks the person to offer reduce fruits. The guy jokes on Ram. Ram says yes, one ought to pay attention to spouse, thank you for the fruits. Ram sees the noodles plate. Raj thinks take the plate and consume it. The guy asks what is going to you name you spouse after marriage, I name my spouse Maharani. Ram says it’ll be strange, I will name Priya as boss. Priya says I will communicate to mum and come, you consume fruits, now no longer noodles. Ram says k boss. Priya is going. Ram eats the noodles. Raj thinks consume prawns as well, Ram. Ram will pay the cash to each the vendors. He eats the prawns. Priya asks what’s happening. Akki and Sandy say baraatis had the meals, we went there and stared at them, they completed the meals soon. Akki asks didn’t they come. Priya says no, they’ll be late, Ram has come, don’t recognise how he got here early, did you each do this. Sandy says no. Akki says I swear, I didn’t say, perhaps he got here with the aid of using different route, in which is he. Priya says he’s outside, I gets him.

Priya involves Ram and sees him ingesting noodles. Ram asks who’s there. She says boss. He dumps the noodles. She says no, have it, boost your BP. The guy says you watched plenty for him, my spouse additionally cares for me. Priya says his buddies refused him to consume this. Ram says sorry, I had chinese language, I m first-rate, if whatever takes place to me, then my buddies are constantly there, else you’re there to attend to me, will you pay attention this and run farfar from the marriage. She thinks he’s joking. She is going. He thinks don’t comic story a lot that she thinks I actually have fallen in love with her.

Raj will pay the person and says I needed to marvel Ram. He additionally eats the chinese language. He thinks I actually have made mum’s call shine these days. Sandy sees arrangements. Sara says baraat has come, we are able to do the make-up touchup. Ram welcomes absolutely each person. Shubham says we had been in visitors due to the fact that long. Shivi argues. Nandini says we were given tired, we could pass in. Ram asks them to come. Brinda says she is pronouncing as though she were given automobile on her head. Adi asks her to overlook it. Meera does Ram’s aarti and welcomes him. She thinks my husband left me due to the fact I couldn’t deliver him a son, he didn’t apprehend that my daughters also are like my son, these days I were given a son, he appears like an ointment for my sorrowful wound. She items him and says its a small present from our side. Ram says mum’s given present isn’t small, upload your blessings, it becomes big. She blesses him.

Meera asks did you want the hall, Sandy has visible how your own circle of relatives likes the meals, she were given the identical menu. Neetu says I should play a video. Meera asks Sandy to assist Neetu. Nandini says no want, we are able to do it ourselves. She asks Neetu to live farfar from Sandy. Sandy says some thing is wrong. She asks Maitri did we delete the video from Mami’s phone. Maitri says yes, what passed off. Sandy says nothing. Mama will pay the videographer. Nandini thinks allow absolutely each person see this video, while Priya receives stuck pronouncing I love you to Neeraj, then the sport gets over.

Ram and Priya change garlands. Inspector comes and tells approximately Priya’s complaint. Priya says its my paintings to shield my sister. Ram says its my paintings to shield my brother. He leaves from there.


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