Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with priya announcing i promise, i will maintain this relation and not bring love in it. She is going. Ram thinks adi and brinda fill nonsense in my mind, priya said it right, she doesn’t love me. Nandini says ram has dealt with all of the commercial enterprise, if we lose him, then we can lose the whole thing, priya can snatch whatever from us. Shubham asks her to loosen up. Priya says a girl has to express regret always, i will make an apology for mami’s mistake. He asks what’s going to we do now, we should deliver priya out of this marriage, if akki does something to shivi, akki will get blamed, i was with sid, he is irritated, you already know sid, he gets new ideas, there’s an concept, both the family members will spoil, if we trap akki, then priya will depart ram and run away. Nandini says that’s proper. They see priya at the door. Priya says i realize you were speakme approximately me. Nandini says no, its now not like that. Priya says no, i realize, you felt horrific, anything sarika told you. Nandini says no, its not anything like that. She starts a drama.

She says shivi simply loved akki, why is she disenchanted. Priya says i recognize your trouble, mami did incorrect, no one will misbehave with shivi there, she is like me, she will be able to stand for herself, akki will by no means harm her, my sisters love shivi, meera loves her, i’m able to continually support her, why mami advised all that, there had been many issues faced with the aid of my circle of relatives, their conduct is likewise justified, its not proper, its all beyond now, i don’t want shivi to sign any papers that hurts her self appreciate, she doesn’t want to prove her love for akki. Nandini says you are so precise, priya, however the reality is, we did horrific with you, shivi might also undergo the punishment, when ram stated that he burnt the papers, i used to be so glad. Shubham says sure. She says i need to rectify the error.

Priya says it became just a false impression, we are able to’t alternate it now, we will simply flow on, diwali is coming, its a new yr coming, we will make a new start, each the relation are turning sturdy. He says she is right, we must rectify our mistakes. Nandini says so true, i just want my kids’ happiness. Priya says don’t fear, shivi and circle of relatives will come on laxmi pujan. Meera says i made badam halwa for you. Ram asks did you are making it at domestic. Ram says don’t inform priya, no, inform her, she is jealous of our bond. He eats the halwa. She says she isn’t jealous, she additionally chefs good food. He says sure, she made tasty biryani. She says true, why did you burn the marriage agreement.

He says priya explained me that trust is the premise of any relation, no paper is wanted, priya and that i are one-of-a-kind, on occasion i experience we are similar, i am getting pressured, we recognize each different at the time of troubles, don’t recognise how. She says i can tell you how, you each have comparable nature, you both want to respect every different, its imp that wondering is similar. Ram says sure, i experience i will’t recognize her. She says she has learnt to preserve distance, she feels why is someone doing good for her, nobody did proper for her, not even her dad, she feels if anyone is looking after her, then she can get cheated, i defined her, however she doesn’t recognize, its tough for her, perhaps this may get less complicated with time, you can give an explanation for her that she will be able to consider. He receives a call.

He says sure, i m coming. She says i recognise its no longer easy to love priya, however you will win her heart. He says you constantly say right, shubham’s business deal is getting signed on diwali day, dad used to go to temple with deal papers, i will do that now, i will pray for all of the new members of the family, i can go. Sandy comes and asks about the video of affection confession. Ram says it turned into for supriya, no longer priya. Sandy teases him. He is going. Meera prays for them. Ram meets brinda. He says she didn’t say no, like she continually say. Brinda asks him to loosen up.

She says priya doesn’t explicit feeling without problems. Adi comes and tells about a problem. She asks him to no longer distract them, they are speakme about mall concept, priya didn’t say yes. Adi ask do you want priya to mention sure. Ram says no, priya talks officially, she doesn’t take my name, ram, we had a deal that she can now not love me. Brinda says perhaps she likes me. Ram says no, priya is like coconut. She asks do you’ve got feelings for her. Ram asks did you cross mad. Adi says shashi’s count… ram says i m going. Brinda says ram and priya… adi says shashi… brinda says ram didn’t say no, he used to say love takes place just as soon as, he additionally loves priya. Adi hugs her.

Shashi scolds vedika. He says i’ve contacts within the financial institution. She says i will secret agent on you, in case you are bankrupt, you’re ruining my existence also, will ram address you if he knows this. Priya waits for ram. She says i will name him, no, he will suppose i constantly forestall him. She talks to ram’s percent. She says you don’t take care of your health, you are just like a child, you don’t even do exercising.

ram asks are you concerned for me. Priya appears at him. He gets dizzy. His nose bleeds. He shouts priya. Priya runs to him..


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