Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ram’s companions discussing him. Sparkle comes and contends with Vikrant. She goes. Brinda says I assurance, Ram and Priya’s marriage will work, grin now. Kunal stops Vikrant and says its time for execution, come. They perform on the stage. Wah Ram ji… . plays… Maitri spikes the beverages for Mami. Sandy feeds more to Mami. Priya and her sisters go along with them on the stage. Meera embraces Priya. Slam grins watching the presentation.

Sandy requests that Mami drink more. Slam goes to Meera and takes her for the dance. He sings Dil deewana… . They dance. Priya and everybody grin. Meera favors him. He embraces her. Nandini believes Ram’s marriage will make a huge difference, he is giving appreciation and love to them due to this union. Ram sees Priya grinning. Sid becomes inebriated. Rakhi says Sid, have something, Akshay’s home is additionally little, however Shivi chose him, you are acceptable, attractive, yet she picked Akki. His companions inquire as to for what reason did she leave you, she tricked you. Rakhi says its Shivina’s misfortune. Sid says fail to remember it, its pointless conversation. Rakhi says Priya has helped her idiotic sibling in getting Shivina, I would have shown them a major example in case I was in your place, have pizza, appreciate. She goes. Sid blows up. Raj says Rakhi was stressed for you, so she told this. Raj gets the dance video. He says check out Shivina, she is getting a charge out of in Sangeet, you need to accomplish something. Sid says I will see her, come.

Sandy says we will erase the video from Mami’s telephone. Maitri says alright. Mami says I have Priya’s video, I need to show it. She sits and drinks more. Maitri says you said she will get out, she is as yet talking. Sandy says we will take her with us. They take Mami with them. Vikrant and Twinkle dance on Ainvayi lutgaya… . Everybody goes along with them. Sid is in transit with Raj. Sandy makes Mami rest. She erases the video and leaves. Sid and Raj come to Kapoor manor. Raj calls Rakhi and says Sid can’t walk. She requests that he call Shubham quick. Priya sees Neeraj. Sandy jokes on him.

She requests that Meera converse with Kapoors about the wedding lobby. Meera goes to Sandy. Slam says somebody disclosed to me that we ought to give 20% of income to help other people. Priya reviews. Slam says I figured my organization will have this standard, I comprehended that its not right to respect anything directly without knowing anything, so I thought something about you. Shubham imagines that is the reason we began good cause. Raj requests that Sid pay attention to him, don’t go in. Kunal comes out to talk. Sid pushes Raj and goes. Slam calls the unique visitors. The to some extent crippled children come on the stage. Priya says they are from my NGO. Ram says music has a lot of solidarity, one should simply feel, the children will make us experience that, welcome them. The young lady says Priya used to say that adoration is pointless, yet she will likewise become hopelessly enamored. They play music and sing Bade acche lagte hai… . Slam thinks grin now, Priya.

Sid comes in. He sees Priya and blows up. Raj comes to Shubham and shows Sid. Sid thinks Priya needs to follow through on a major cost. Shubham proceeds to stop Sid. Priya turns and doesn’t see him. Slam says somebody advised me, we should help other people in the event that we have a lot, right, Priya. Priya grins. Sandy and Sara says their jodi is so stunning and unique.


Nandini asks is there any issue. She says I m terrified of this young lady. Sid says I came to show something new to Priya. Priya gets stunned seeing a hustling vehicle and yells Sandy… .


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