Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ram searching for Priya. Shashi calls Mahender and reprimands him. He says you will not get anything now, I requested that you break this marriage, sit at home at this point. Rakhi says I need to accomplish something now. Meera says Priya is coming in another taxi, she will come. Smash praises Mama ji. He says deal with Mami, there ought to be no dramatization today. Mom says cause Mami ji to get some R&R, then, at that point, she will be out, no show. Slam requests that he have drinks. Sparkle sits tight for Priya. Sara calls her. Sparkle says Priya didn’t come till now, say something. Priya returns home. Sparkle says she has come. Priya says my work is finished. Sparkle says deal with your look. Priya says mum needed me to wear this, she didn’t advise me. She wears the neckband. Sparkle asks how could you prepare to wear this. Priya says as much that they don’t believe that I sold this.

Rakhi says two hours are a lot of time. Raj brings his companions home. Sid says its a decent spot. Mahender asks what are they doing here. Rakhi says its alright. He asks what would you like to do. Sid requests that Raj request pizza and brew. Rakhi says I had affected Neeraj that day. Mahender grins. She says sit tight for 60 minutes, Sid will be tanked, then, at that point, Sangeet will have a good time, we need to become friends with Kapoors, fail to remember the old chief, this sangeet night will be the most noticeably terrible evening of Ram and Priya’s lives. Priya goes to the capacity. Meera says you have worn this neckband, I m so cheerful. Smash sees Priya and thinks what to do to make her grin. He proceeds to welcome her. Shivi praises Priya. She says you both are coordinating, how adorable. Akki says my sister consistently look the best. Smash thinks I need to make Priya grin. He says I need to converse with you. Priya says I thought you came to adulate me, its OK. He says I can commend you assuming you need, you should continue to snicker, everybody should giggle, on the off chance that we chuckle, Shivi will get a grin. Brinda says you both look charming together. Priya expresses profound gratitude, Brinda gifted me this dress. Slam says indeed, Brinda gifted me this suit. He presents his companions. Brinda says Priya definitely realizes one another, these four are dearest companions, since they are distraught. Shivi sees Akki. Shubham inquires as to for what reason are you seeing Priya, you like Akki or Priya. Shivi says shut up, Akki will not converse with me until Priya gets glad, I requested that Ram make her grin. Shubham asks does she grin, where is your grin, I can change with your Sasural, Arunita and Pawandeep are coming, its an amazement for you. She says its brain blowing thought, I will request that they assist me with persuading Akki. Sandy says Ram and Priya’s jodi looks hot, right. Neeraj blows up. Sandy welcomes Nandini and asks how would I look. She inquires as to for what reason is everybody asking Mami ji not to do any show today. Slam says I need to converse with you. Shubham comes and calls Ram. Slam goes.

Sara jokes on Priya getting another sister Brinda. Brinda asks is everything fine. Sara says I will see you on the dance floor. Priya goes to the room. She says Ram adores his family a ton, however he isn’t there in any family pic. Neeraj comes there. She says I m hanging tight for Ram, we need to talk in private, if it’s not too much trouble, go. He says stop this thought, how long will you lie to yourself and everybody, that you failed to remember me, I realize you actually love me. Neetu sees them and thinks they are so emotional. She records them. Priya says don’t humiliate me and my sisters. He says I realize you simply take a gander at me, you actually love me. She says indeed, I actually love you. Neetu gets a call and goes. Priya says glad now, you need to hear this, did you feel better, grieved, I don’t cherish you, don’t attempt to converse with me, in the event that my sister gets injured, it will not be acceptable, go to her. He leaves. She goes to change her shoes. Slam sees her leaving. He says how will I respond. Shivi messages him. She gets Sid’s message. She says I will make you more envious. Sara gets angry with Priya. The artists come on the stage. Pawandeep and Arunita sing Bhangda taa sajda… . Akki and Shivi dance. Slam’s companions likewise proceed to move on the stage.

Neetu gets the video to show to Mama ji. Sandy sees this and drops her telephone. Neetu picks the telephone and goes. Sandy figures Priya can never tell this, Mami made a video of her. She goes to mention to Maitri what Neeraj did. Maitri asks what. Brinda says fellow’s family will show how sangeet occurs. Maitri inquires as to for what reason did Neeraj do this. Sandy says Mami has made a video, you need to help me now, please. Maitri says fine, I will help you. Sandy says I heard that Mami gets full out when she becomes inebriated. Meera asks Neeraj are you fine. He says indeed, however is Priya cheerful. Slam hears them. Neeraj says she can do a show, she remembered me, she weeped for quite a long time when I… for what reason are you getting her hitched, there isn’t anything between them. Priya says Neeraj consistently accomplishes something, he generally gets excused for everything. Meera says fail to remember it, everybody continued on. Neeraj says who continued on, check out Priya, she is with her closest companion, where is Ram, I m fine, Maitri is content with me. Smash believes Priya’s old decision is modest, I need to effectively make him calm, Priya merits a grin.


Slam hits the dance floor with Meera. Slam says somebody disclosed to me that we ought to give a piece of the profit. Priya grins..


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