Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Ram questioning its Priya’s choice. The woman says I m right here for a pair interview, your spouse didn’t come, how can you show that the papers are false. Ram says its your perception. She says I can’t see your spouse right here. Priya comes and says I m right here, sorry I were given late, I had a few work, Ram knew it already. Ram thinks whilst did she inform me. Priya says we will begin, I don’t need makeup. She thinks Shivi informed Ram that I become at mum’s vicinity for her help. The woman says we can begin after lighting fixtures come back.

Priya asks is it fine. Ram says like I actually have some other choice. They argue. The woman says you each commenced so soon, your mics are on. Adi says I informed you, its a horrific idea. The woman asks what become Ram’s demand, inform me. Ram says I will inform you. The woman says we’re right here to listen her tale, don’t get scared. Kunal says she desires to make this a large tale for TRPs. Adi says your plan become the worst. The woman says many girls remains suffocated of their marriages, inform us your tale, what did he need to provide an explanation for you, what become it.

She asks Priya to inform the truth. Ram says deliver her a danger to speak, sorry. Vikrant says Ram can’t lose his temper. Meera and anyone see the news. She prays. Priya says don’t vent my anger on them. Brinda says please. Neetu and Nandini just like the interview. Nandini says their marriage will break. Neetu says you’ll deliver me a party. Nandini says done. Priya says don’t get angry, I m sorry. The woman says its now no longer your mistake.

Ram says its my mistake, I actually have a horrific habit, I usually go away geyser switched on after a bath, it stuck hearthplace once, he usually tells now no longer to waste the electricity, we simply have such family fights, we need to adapt every other’s habits, fights after marriage are senseless, did I say right. Meera says Priya treated the whole thing. Sara says yes, Priya understood your teachings. Sarika says however Ram burnt the geyser. Ram says its my mistake additionally, I usually taunt her, its a horrific thing, I m questioning to meditate early morning.

Everyone smiles. Priya says who stated its taunts, in case you do a mistake and a person is announcing it, its good. He says we could give up this point. He thinks she is simply making stories. The woman says you’re helping every other, why do you need to signal the annulment papers, what become the cause, do you’ve got got a compatibility issue.

She says visitors will determine it, we can attempt to understand your compatibility. Nandini asks how will Priya get stored now, they don’t understand every other. Adi prays. Brinda thinks I did this to shop their marriage, matters may match wrong, Priya please cope with matters. The woman says get geared up for the fast hearthplace round. Priya thinks we understand don’t something approximately every other. The woman asks how can you describe her in a single work. Ram says coconut, Meera additionally tells the same, its Meera’s name. Meera says Ram is right, Priya is sort of a coconut, difficult at the out of doors and soft-hearted. Ram thank you her. Priya thinks he receives Meera on his aspect usually.

The woman asks Priya how will she describe Ram in a single work. Priya says hero. Ram says I m that. Priya says I understand the whole thing approximately him, he doesn’t understand saving money, he simply spends money. Meera says Ram need to win. Akki says she is winning. Ram says question me questions additionally, its approximately equality. The woman asks what’s Priya’s fav clothes. Ram says rain coat, she usually put on it, I can name Meera, Priya doesn’t like rains, however I adore it a lot. Everyone smiles. Nandini calls Shubham.

He asks what’s happening. She says I don’t understand, inform the interviewer approximately Ram’s past love Vedika. He says yes, I will name you back. Priya says rains are so horrific, I don’t like it. Ram says its so good. He asks Adi the song. Adi sings Rimjhim…. The woman asks what does Ram now no longer understand. Priya says he doesn’t understand his deal with pincode. Ram seems at his friends.

The woman asks don’t you already know the pincode. Nandini asks what. Sara asks Shivi does she understand the pincode. Shivi says yes, our bungalow is infront of the sea. Sara laughs. Ram says I don’t understand the residence deal with, however I understand the pincode of Priya’s residence, her deal with, her residence is far, however it has peace, I understand she is angry via way of means of the neighbors, I sense domestic like at that residence, I stayed there for one night, I can’t overlook Priya’s residence, if I actually have reminiscence loss, even then I can locate that residence, I suggest pincode is only a number, residence has a feeling. Priya seems at him. Adi and anyone clap for Ram. Priya thinks he has come to be hero again, he likes it.

Akki says he’s a charmer, he made Priya lose. The woman asks do you already know approximately his past, his past love. Nandini says finally. Neetu says you and Shubham did this. Nandini says yes, Ram can’t cover his emotions for Vedika. The woman asks don’t you already know that a person become there in his life.

Priya says past love can’t be forgiven, its nonetheless there. The woman asks does he nonetheless love his past love. Priya says yes, he informed me. The woman asks is that this the cause for annulment. Priya says its not anything like that, I can also additionally get angry via way of means of his past love later on. The woman asks who’s his past love. Priya says his drug treatments, he loves to fall ill, he loves his drug treatments a lot, he’s going to first shop his drug treatments as an alternative me and his family.

Nandini thinks Priya stored Ram, what’s Shubham doing. She calls Shubham. He says they’re acting, I additionally sense they’re made for every other. She says do as I say, inform the interviewer that Ram and Priya’s marriage become a deal. Shubham says it’s going to defame Shivi additionally. She says do as I say. Neetu says Shivi gets troubled. Nandini says her marriage is real, Akki and Shivi love every other, Soods can be stuck. Neetu says correct.

The woman says you probably did this marriage to get your sister’s marriage done, it become a deal. Ram argues with Priya. Nandini asks did you leak the papers. Adi nods. Ram shouts on Adi.


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