Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera and Sara applying mehendi to Priya. They accept Priya. Mom asks if I sent you a message. Nandini says you sent it to all of us. She asks for the content of the message. Nandini says alcohol is harmful to your health. You got drunk. Mom didn’t know how she drank so much, she says. Nandini says I warn you, don’t drink during her wedding reception. She asks her mom to keep an eye on her. Her mom says she’s right. Mom goes. Schwam says I will give you a job too. Mom tells me to tell me. Schwam tells Sid to keep an eye out and let him know when he arrives. She says Mama can’t come to Sid. Schwam says he can come, he also came to sing, Ram shouldn’t see him. Ram comes to ask what’s going on.

Everyone in Priya’s house is happy. Priyacom. Aki smiled and thanked him. He says you are the best. She says I said yes for this reason. Say your makeup is good, don’t be sad, it’s getting worse. She says you touch a sentimental joke. She asks Mira to see her, Aki cries. She is crying more. Priya asks them to stop crying. Meera accepts Priya. Mamaji says Priya took care of all of us, and someone will take care of her now. Priya thinks about what I want when everyone is happy. Surely say Shubham. What does Lamb say, tell me. He asks Nandini to ask what happened. Nandini says he planned a surprise for you, he can’t say. Ram hugs him. Chibicom.

She says I prepare a lamb shell crocodile. Lamb believes that I have a loving family. I will marry them, this is my family. Akki’s mother said Mahender should have been married and no one invited him. Mom asks him to keep quiet. Mira says so, today is our day. Priya says she’s right, Mahender should have come to my marriage. Priya looks at her car. Aki says I made this money to repair the car. He smiled. Nandini says thank you for meeting Sid. Schbum says so, I wanted to tell him that. She says I call her Vedica and chassis. He said no. Mom told Sid not to come back, that Ram would call the police.

Priya is on the way. He says we will know the car owner on the license plate. Sarah says it’s your marriage today. Shubham says I’m going to take care of this. Nandini asks her mother to control her wife. He says I know how to control it. Shubham says he needs to think about Ram for some surprises.

A servant has come and the band’s artist has come. Nandini asked why Lamb’s friends organized it and told Lamb that the gang was on your side. Aries prepares. Brinda congratulates him. He says it’s scary to think of Priya’s reaction. She stops criticizing this woman and she says she shouldn’t be Adi. Say Adi is very scared of you, Priya will be my wife, awesome. She says I know you didn’t want to get married this way, don’t think about Vedica. He said no. She asks who you are thinking. Priya’s father says, I feel like she wants her father to attend her marriage. You can’t hate your parents. She says right, what to do. Ask if I invite you. She says we shouldn’t do anything that hurt Priya, Priya should know that you’re always with her, she leaves her house, no one I don’t know her, I support her. He says so, I take care of everything, tie my pugdi.

The servant ties up Pagdi. Hey band. She takes a picture. She says she knows that Mira has never seen an ideal marriage, but the marriage is a pure relationship, call me Nandini, I saw Ram call me Ma Have you ever been? Sarah says that rum has many qualities. Lamb dances with his friends. Wow Wow Ramhi …. Play … Adi says I organized this group and Schwam says he did it. Brinda says it’s right. Viclan says Lamb’s brother is smart. They do not consider him a brother. Priya looks at the police. Police say it’s Vijaydashami, they took a vacation for the march, you have to go to the other side. Sarah says it will take two hours. Priya says I will talk to them once.

Her children look at her and call her Sita. Priya says my name is Priya, this is my marriage, let her get out of here. He says we have to bid. Priya asks you to help us. The man says he can’t stop Seater from seeing Ram. Mira and Sara are late. Lamb dances with Sivi and Schwam. Accept Shivi. Ram thanks Adi for it all. Accept Adi. The man says you know who she is. Pandit says she is Priya. She’s like Sita, as the man says she’s going to marry Lamb, and Hanuman will pave the way for Lamb and Sita. He asks everyone to help and free up space for Sita. Sandy says Priya was angry that Dad didn’t come, but she also has the support of Ram and Hanuman. Priya goes to the car. Aries is hugging his friend.

Lamb says I have a plan, Nandini and Shiva can drive together, Schwam, Mama and Mami can go together. Brinda says I told the driver the address. We will coordinate from the center and meet you. Pick up my phone. Everyone is talking about direction. Brinda asks Adi to explain herself. Adi asks them to follow the map. Ram asks Nandini not to stress. Mom says I know the password. Nandini says: Come with me now. See the photo of Priya.

Vedica says Lamb is allergic to shrimp. Raki hears it. Priya asks Lamb not to eat noodles. Raki sends shrimp noodles to Lamb. Aries eats it and feels sick.


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