Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Priya getting a call from monetary organization. She says I don’t need a credit. She sees the things in the pantry. Akki awakens Sandy. He says Maitri has come. Sandy inquires as to why. Priya asks where is Mahender. Akki signs her. Neeraj takes Mahender’s approval. He says you were not there, how could you know this. Maitri says he is talking like he got best father’s honor, did he ask us of all time. Sara says he is agreeing with Priya’s stance, where was he till now. Mahender says I have come to remain and perform father’s responsibility for Priya. Sandy jokes. Mother comes. Sara asks will you have tea. Mother says indeed, get tea for Mahender and Neeraj too. Mahender says I need to take a brief trip and see lobby for marriage. Priya says its not required, we previously reserved it. Meera takes a gander at her. Mahender asks Meera did lobby get booked. Sandy says yes. Mom says we need to visit Kapoors today, they said we need to keep greeting cards before Lord first then we will circulate, will you come. Mahender says why not, I will come.

Maitri requests that Priya prepare. Neeraj says I failed to remember wallet at home. Sandy says relax, we have cash. He says I have driving permit in it, I need to return home. Sara says fine, let Maitri stay here. Maitri says indeed, I will help Priya. Priya says its OK, come there straightforwardly. Neeraj and Maitri leave. Priya says we can deal with this without Mahender. Meera says Nandini is your Saas, converse with her, apologize, we need to deal with such little issues. Priya says I planned to apologize to her, not on the grounds that I had a past, everybody has a past, Neeraj did this dramatization, I will apologize to her, don’t take pressure. Sara says indeed, say hello there to joy. Mami and Nandini take stroll. Mami says I will get the water bottle. Rakhi comes and says you are fouling up, I m not a more abnormal, I m Mahender’s significant other. Nandini takes a gander at her. Rakhi says Mahender left Meera, did anybody not advise you, Mahender might not want to see his little girl. Nandini says I couldn’t care less. Rakhi says think they are making you dance on their fingers, they are exceptionally shrewd, its their game, you found out about Neeraj, didn’t you think that it is off, Neeraj is extremely rich, they believed that they will get him hitched to Maitri, if not Priya. Nandini says don’t attempt to converse with me once more. Mami comes. They go. Rakhi says I will perceive how Priya weds Raj. Nandini requests that Mama clarify Mami. Mom asks will not you make a move. Brinda says Ram is coming, he is coming to. Nandini requests that Mami stay silent. Priya, Akki and family come. Mother presents Mahender. Mahender says everything occurred unexpectedly early. Mami says we heard something different. Meera asks what. Mami says we heard you have left your significant other and have no connection with your girls. Priya says I need to come clean with them. Mahender says I got remarried. Mami inquires as to why. Mother says perhaps he was disturbed by his better half.

Priya says they got isolated a lot of time previously, Mahender has an alternate family. Shubham says you additionally have a stage family. Shivi says we are likewise Ram’s progression family, we don’t utilize this word, we don’t care for it. Nandini says its not with regards to that, you ought to have advised it. Meera says I didn’t shroud it, I disclosed to you that I m a single parent like you, who am I to stop Mahender assuming he needs to do Priya’s kanyadaan, he is her father. Neeraj and Maitri come. Shubham says your ex-sweetheart has come. Nandini says we need to answer the relations, Neeraj had a connection with one of your little girl and wedded another, you couldn’t care less, stunning, its not past for us, your significant other wasn’t there, he has come today, it was your obligation to advise us, we reserve an option to know whether we are making a connection with some family, how might I let my child wed such a young lady, Shivi isn’t pregnant, you can break the connection assuming you need, we generally approve of this connection, you think what you need to do. Priya says I never said about marriage, I had no expectation, I said yes on Akki’s maxim, I didn’t shroud anything, my past is before you, for what reason are you discussing my mum’s past. Meera says they reserve a privilege to say, let them say. Ram comes and says you are correct, we reserve an option to know, Priya your past is before you, your sister’s significant other, we reserve a privilege to know the association, we reserve an option to know your connection with your father, on the off chance that I m going to turn into a piece of this family, I need to right to realize for what reason is this family dispersed. Priya cries and leaves.

Mother says I need to reveal to you Nandini ji, Meera did everything all alone, its difficult to deal with it. Mahender says she isn’t the only one, I m there, I came to clear things, I stay isolated, however I m Priya’s father, ask me what would you like to inquire. Nandini says Ram, you choose anything you desire, alright. Slam gestures. Slam says I have continued everything open with regards to me and my family, Akki kept the condition to wed Shivi, I regard that, all of you have love in your family, so this marriage is going on, I love Shivi, Priya loves Akki, it will be all in all correct to keep eyes open, however its not Priya’s slip-up. Nandini asks what do you mean. Slam says assuming there is no adoration, connection doesn’t make any difference. Brinda grins. Slam says you have four girls, they resemble Laxmi, if any individual left you, their characteristics don’t get less, I know the aggravation when somebody leaves you, somebody left me moreover. Mother says he is correct. Brinda says indeed, he is correct, its not Priya’s shortcoming. Akki expresses gratitude toward Ram. Meera cries joyfully. Ram says cards are printed, get ready for puja, I feel hungry, somebody feel me laddoo. He asks Meera will I follow Priya and apologize to her. Meera says no, you previously did a ton. Slam asks sure. She says sure. He says thanks to her. Pandit requests that they call Shivina and Akki.

Everybody moves on dhik tana… Ram says I became hopelessly enamored in the wake of watching this move. He embraces Brinda. Shivi says its an extremely old melody, we will experiment, we will leave this. Nandini signs Shubham. She says proceed to converse with Ram. He says Ram pays attention to you. She requests that Mama take his better half for shopping. She gives him cash and says purchase toys for your kids. Mami says how might you say that, its wrong. Nandini offers paper to Shubham and says this is your obligation. Shubham says obviously. He says Ram, I need to converse with Ram about his marriage. Ram gets a call. He says OK, I will come. He says sorry, I have work, I need to go. He leaves. Brinda asks did you fix his gathering. Adi says no, he went for some work. Nandini figures I will send this marriage contract for Priya by Ram, she will break the marriage.

Precap: Ram gets some information about the agreement. Shubham takes the agreement for Priya. Priya contends with him. She says we are not criminals. He requests that she sign it and demonstrate it.


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