Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ram asking would you like to meet her. Priya says yes. Smash says I actually love her, nobody can comprehend love better compared to me, I met her interestingly, I thought the one she weds will be fortunate. She gets some information about your marriage. He says she left, did you get any big stake. She says I don’t respect this marriage genuine. Akki and Shivina trade rings. Smash says I know, for what reason will we show this to your ex, he has conscience to make you extremely upset, we should break his personality, look he is watching us. Priya grins. Slam requests that Priya chuckle so anyone might hear. She jokes. She chuckles and says don’t say, I will snicker. They chuckle. Neeraj takes a gander at them. Smash says you are the one in particular who snickers on my terrible joke, possibly that is the reason we are wedding to make each other giggle. Maitri says Priya has continued on. Smash says just you esteem my jokes. Priya says no, its awful, don’t have the foggiest idea why I triumph ultimately. Everybody applauds Akki and Shivi. Slam and Priya’s rings are brought, alongside the chunri. Adi says perhaps its phony chuckle. Vikrant says don’t have the foggiest idea. Priya thinks to enlighten Ram concerning Mahender. Slam thinks will I make her meet Vedika. Nandini gifts a neckband to Priya. Slam and Priya trade the rings. Shashi says partake in this show, I will just come. Everybody applauds. Neeraj goes. Slam’s companions embrace him. Meera embraces Priya. Rab di meher… plays… Meera favors Ram. Priya thinks I m simply doing this for Akki and Meera. She embraces Akki. They take a few pics. Smash thinks we don’t have anything same, we lost one we cherished, we will do anything for family’s satisfaction, we have no assumptions from one another.

Priya and everybody get back home. Mami contends. Priya says sorry, you needed to get humiliated as a result of me. Mother says Neeraj ought to have not informed that. Akki says he needed to tell everybody, wiped out, we should realize that I m wedding Shivina due to Priya. Meera says Ram handles it so well. Sandy says indeed, he is amusing, delicate and great. Mami says we must be ready. Mother requests that she do show later. Sandy goes to help Priya. Akki requests that Mami rub his head. Mami says stand by, Priya converse with your father. Priya inquires as to why, you failed to remember he left us, we stay in your home since he expelled us. Mom says this is your home too. Meera says everybody will ask us. Priya says they will not inquire. Mami says Akki’s marriage will stop if this matter comes out. Priya says as much how will we respond, he will not come. Mami says your Mama will converse with him. Priya says I realize he will not come. Mahender gets back home.

Shashi says sorry for Sid, I needed to come in the capacity, I trust Shivina is content with this. Slam says indeed, she is extremely glad. Shashi says I wish you likewise find something useful to do accomplice like mine, Vedika. Smash says Priya is unique, we don’t discover love in this house, I can’t get what you have, I don’t have a wish to get it. Shashi says right. Vedika comes. Shashi requests that they talk. Adi asks what’s going on in Ram’s life. Brinda says Ram and Priya look charming together. Vedika says salutes Ram. Slam says sorry, I ought to have advised you. She says its OK, you don’t have to explain, I simply need you cheerful, your wedded life to be acceptable, I m leaving. He asks now, where. She says I will simply go to my farmhouse. He says fare thee well. She says you as well. He says I m truly upset for Sid. She says its alright, Shivina is wedding the person she adores, you needed this, its enough. She leaves.

Adi says Vedika is history, Priya is secret, we need to save Ram. Vikrant says yes. Slam goes to his companions. He asks isn’t the food right. Brinda asks how invigorated are you for sangeet. Smash says we will move. Kunal says he stepped on my feet last time, dance from distance. Brinda requests that Ram accompany her and talk. Adi requests that Ram stop. Brinda says you won my heart today, you did well. Slam says Neeraj caused Priya to feel as she did a wrongdoing, when she adored him. She says you actually love Vedika, is anybody accusing you, I don’t care for seeing your affection for Vedika, Priya’s eyes have sharpness, I can’t say in the event that she can adore somebody, she doesn’t cherish anybody today, we will party, perk up. Mahender says I left everything. Mami requests that he sit. Meera asks what did you leave. He says that spouse and child, that house, everything. Sandy jokes. Mother asks is everything fine. Mahender says I needed to come in Priya’s marriage, Rakhi and Raj contended with me, I took that house on Rakhi’s name, she requested that I leave, would i be able to remain here till marriage. Mami says sure, its our home, its our yes. She says Priya, its great, you are getting hitched. Mahender says Meera, I will go on the off chance that you have a protest. Meera says fine, they won’t ask anything now. Priya says I m resting, I m inclination sluggish. She goes. Mami says its great, we will praise well. Akki requests that she rub his head. They go. Meera requests that Sandy continue to crease bunk in the corridor. Mahender inquires as to whether Priya rested. Sara goes. Mahender messages Shashi… I have gotten back home, presently these two relationships will not occur.

Precap: Nandini contends with Meera. Slam says Priya we reserve an option to think about the dispersed family. Priya cries.


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