Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with all of us welcoming Ram to live of their residence. They all smile. Priya asks Ram to pop out and communicate to her. Ram is going out. She says you won’t experience cushty here, there may be no AC, Mama ji’s garments won’t healthy here, why did you act top with Meera after which… He asks her to inform her what’s bothering her. She asks how ought to you depart the wedding and pass, you didn’t of my family’s emotions. Ram says I can provide an explanation for. Akki and Sandy come and forestall their talks. They say we got here to shop Ram. Priya says forestall making me a villain. She is going. Ram asks the way to do harm control. Akki says she loves me, my emotional blackmail works, you’ll should discover your personal way. Sandy says I pray to Lord, however it doesn’t paintings.

Shubham says I spoke to a producer, he’s going to supply an amazing provide to Akki, Akki will agree now. Nandini says Akki will galvanize Ram after which loot him, pass and provide an explanation for Shivi, she reveals Akki cute, simply love can’t make a person survive. Shubham says Sid turned into drunk, he instructed me approximately Priya, Akki and Shivi’s drama goes on simply to get Ram and Priya married, what do you suppose. Nandini asks him to test it. He tests the ee-e book and says methods to annul the wedding. She says Ram will do this, then we are able to harm Priya’s self-esteem, if this occurs in 15 days of marriage, then it is going to be null and void, he has no person imp than us. Ram and Priya come to the room. They see the decorations. She says I will smooth this up. He says its okay, I need to take a shower. She asks him to pass, mum has switched at the geyser. She eliminates the candles and flowers. She is going and changes. She opens the window. She says I don’t agree with my situation, don’t realize what else will alternate. She tests a message. Ram comes from tubtub. He coughs.

He says you’re nevertheless awake, Mama ji’s kurta is…. what are you doing. Priya says I turned into seeing a video due to the fact forty five mins. Ram asks her to mention what’s it. She tells the tale to fee water. She says you’ve got got taken a tubtub for 45mins, on which facet do you sleep, I sleep at the left. They misinform sleep. Ram says subsequent time, I won’t take 45mins to tubtub, I get abnormal thoughts below the shower, I turned into wondering why you’re upset, I found out that I left you by myself withinside the mandap, its now no longer true, something occurred today, after I were given indignant and left, I need to mention what occurred, it turned into wrong. He sees her asleep. He thinks how does she sleep with out Ac, if I ask her, then she can be able to inform me every other village tale and positioned me in guilt. He is going out and sits withinside the vehicle. He messages Adi. Adi replies. Ram calls him. Adi answers. Ram says vehicle isn’t starting, don’t suppose you’re Priya. Adi asks wherein are you. Ram says Priya’s residence has no AC, I want AC to sleep, inform me the way to begin the vehicle. Adi says oh okay. Ram says supply telecellsmartphone to Brinda. Adi says supply ignition and begin the vehicle, AC will begin, permit me sleep. Ram thank you him. He enjoys the AC withinside the vehicle. He says I will repair four am alarm, if every person sees me snoozing withinside the vehicle, then they may experience bad.

He receives Vedika’s message. He replies thank you. She asks didn’t you sleep until now to your marriage night. He says yes, its some thing like that. She writes, sorry, I couldn’t are available your marriage. Ram replies I understand. She asks do we nevertheless live friends. He continues his telecellsmartphone. He receives Priya’s bangle. She thinks Ram didn’t respond my message. Ram involves the room. He thinks I must sleep withinside the room. He is going to sleep. Priya wakes up and appears at him. She thinks he can’t sleep with out AC, Ram isn’t routine to live like this. She arranges a desk fan and an ice container to create the AC impact for Ram. She lies to sleep.

The alarm rings. They wake up. Priya asks why did you preserve 4am alarm, what do you need. He says no, sorry, concentrate to me. He falls down and asks how did this water come. She says I stored it. He says you stored water to take revenge on me, I don’t lecture people. He is going.

She says you’re hero like your 4am alarms. Its morning, Nandini and Shubham come from jogging. Shivi says its my marriage today, wherein are Ram and Priya. Shubham says visit Ram’s room. Servant says Ram didn’t come home. Shubham asks what. Nandini asks did the paintings get done. Shubham says I will discover out.

Meera knocks the door. She asks wherein is Ram. Priya says he’s taking a tubtub. Meera says I were given sarees for you, put on vibrant colours, follow sindoor, please. She is going. Priya thinks Ram won’t pop out soon. She changes. Ram comes and says so sorry, I didn’t see anything. She says you took a tubtub in 15 mins. He says I went and got here early, you scolded me, I valued water. She says fine, top, I forgot that…. He says that we were given married.

Priya says I had switched on geyser at night, didn’t you turn it off. Priya asks the person to alternate the geyser. Ram apologizes. Sandy says Akki has long gone for an audition. Priya says we should discover him, its his marriage today. Ram appears on.


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