Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Ram and Priya’s grahpravesh occurring in Meera’s residence. Ram kicks the kalash. Everyone claps. Meera feeds them candies. They all smile. Akki greets Ram and hugs. Meera says come, we can put together for puja. Sara jokes on Akki. Ram says I appreciated the candies loads. Sara receives it for him. Sandy says I will feed you with the aid of using my hands. Ram opens mouth to consume. Sara and Sandy don’t feed the candies and simply talks. Meera says we ought to ship Ram domestic for the rituals. A guy comes and says I were given the drugs for the prawns allergy. Meera says we didn’t order it. She asks did Ram order this. Priya says don’t worry. Meera says its taken while he has any allergy, did he had prawns withinside the marriage, is he hiding whatever, he disappeared for long. Priya says he eats drug treatments for everything, don’t worry, its everyday for him. Meera says no, its a critical allergy, throat receives sore, its now no longer a joke. Priya says have a take a observe him, he’s consuming a whole lot candies.

Mahender asks what, did I…. Shashi says so what, my dad used to mention which you are his unique guy, so I made you do that coincidence. Mahender says you stated its a vehicle coverage matter, I didn’t need to kill a person. Shashi says you obtain the rate for this. Mahender says if I had recognized this, then…. Shashi asks could you boom the rate. Mahender says Priya’s lifestyles can get ruined if this reality comes out, I can get jailed. Shashi scolds him. He says your destiny modified overnight, I requested you now no longer to get your daughter married to Ram, you didn’t listen, your daughters hate you, you’re the Raavan in their lives. Meera takes Ram and Priya for Raavan dahan. She says badness can start anywhere, you each burn this Raavan together.

Mahender worries. Raja ram….plays… Ram and Priya burn the Raavan. Mahender appears on. Everyone chants Jai shri ram. Shubham and Mama ji speak to a guy. Shubham asks him to name Akshay and provide him a great offer. Nandini says I need Shivi to stop ties with that residence. Mami asks Ram the cope with of the 5 famous person lodge for Akki and Shivi’s marriage. Ram says I will ship the automobile with rights. Meera says as you say, Priya allow us to enjoy. She asks Ram to live again while he visits subsequent time. He says sure. Ram and Priya leave. Sara says Ram is perfect, I discovered it strange that he left the marriage. Sandy says we will ask him. Meera says no want, Priya is already worried. Sara says yes, he got here again else… They ask what else. Sara says you can’t threaten Shivi continually. He says if Priya receives harm, then they need to recognize that their hearts also can get harm. Meera says you adore Shivi, appreciate her. He says I changed into joking.

Priya says thank you for coming again withinside the marriage. Ram says vehicle isn’t working, don’t recognize why. Priya says name the mechanic. He says yes. She asks why are you calling Adi, he’s your employee. He says he’s my commercial enterprise companion and friend. She says he has a lifestyles and wife, its now no longer suitable to name him. He says I continually name him. They argue. She says I will name the mechanic. He says its imported vehicle. She says I recognize, Sandy were given harm with the aid of using an imported vehicle. They say sorry. He says I knew you didn’t want to get Shubham arrested. She says you need to consume almonds alternatively drug treatments. She is going again domestic. Adi asks Vikrant to land up Shubham’s case. He argues with Brinda. She says inform me, did you speak to Ram, why did he leave. Adi says he changed into angry, I m now no longer disappointed with Priya, I ought to consider Ram, Priya can’t take a bonus of him. She says she isn’t such, I m continually right, we’re Ram’s friends, we need to do some thing to make Ram and Priya friends, Ram thinks loads for his own circle of relatives, and his own circle of relatives simply use him, we’ve got a hazard to get a person for Ram, we need to ship them someplace outside. He says you didn’t plan this for me. She says we can go along with them, they want us, its our paintings to inspire them. She sees Ram’s % and says your love tale goes to start.

Rakhi scolds Raj. He says I did it right. Rakhi says perhaps you had eaten the prawns. Raj says I even have visible Ram consuming the prawns. She asks why didn’t whatever occur to him. Mahender comes and hears them. He scolds Rakhi. They argue. She says I m now no longer looking to kill Ram, I m now no longer a murderer. He says you don’t recognize that a small coincidence can take a huge turn. He thinks reality continually comes out. Ram and Priya are again domestic. Priya reveals a mechanic online. Ram says I will name Tarun, my assistant, he may have driver’s number. Priya says Ram can’t consider everything. Meera says Ram, you each can live right here tonight. Priya says no, we don’t have AC, Ram can be afflicted right here, our residence is small for Ram. Ram thinks that is the hazard to get stored from taunts. He says I m wondering to live today. They all smile.

Priya receives garments for Ram. She says I will easy everything. He says its okay. Ram and Priya have a moment..


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