Anita Hasanandani shares a cute video with Baby Aarav,

Baby To Speak: Follow These Tips To Help Your Baby Speak Quickly: Naturally, some toddlers are trying to talk by the time they turn one year old. But some children are unable to speak by the age of two. Parents are getting very confused because they are not able to speak. As babies grow older, they eagerly anticipate how they will talk and when they will be called mommy, grandpa, and aunty. As children grow up from birth, crawling and walking should be learned according to their age, and speaking should also be learned according to their age. In this context, the children can speak in the first two years. But in some children this process is a bit slower. Their parents are shocked by this. In this order, do you know what kind of encouragement parents should give to children to speak at the right time according to their age?

Whenever something should be said.. you will notice. From the birth of the children, the mother is always saying something in front of them. Because children have the power to grasp anything easily. So talking to them more and telling them anything. All this is an attempt to get them to speak quickly. Mostly used by mothers to play with children. toys In this order, children should be tried to play by explaining about various toys. Because of this, children pay more attention to what the mother says than the toys. So if you do something like the name of each object that you play with and talk about it, the hearing power will increase as well as the comprehension power will increase and the words will come out quickly.

Then the stories should be told. Many children prefer to fall asleep listening to stories. This will increase the thinking power as well as the perceptive power of the children. Because of hearing many words like this every day, some of these words get rooted in their minds. This will allow them to try to speak slowly. Parents should become teachers for children to speak. For example, if you are watching TV with children playing, if you see any animals in it, you should say their names. Also showing any toy book, English or Telugu alphabet book, and saying their names.. can also be done. In addition to this, if all your family members talk about relationships in one place like your mother, your father, or your aunt, if you do this often, the children will have a chance to speak before you expect it.

Otherwise, it is difficult to get the words out before you say anything. In general, young children do not pronounce the words we say without mistakes. They are learning words from time to time. So can’t say it clearly. So they should pronounce the words clearly and parents should correct their mistakes. We should try to teach slowly that it should be said like this or not like that. With this gradually the tendency to speak clearly also gets used in them. Keeping children’s favorite foods, favorite toys, etc. out of their reach while they do so may encourage them to try to talk in hopes of getting them to eat them.

Children are always bored at home. So children should also get used to enjoying the weather. For this, they should be taken out from time to time. Take them to parks and friends’ houses. If there are children talking there, your children will automatically try to talk. Sometimes we also see that some children do not speak, no matter what they say. But that is not good. Due to this, negative feelings will double in them. It is not good for you to suffer and hurt them like this. So the best way is for parents to be patient and teach their children words. Even after trying all these ways, it is very important to take your child to the doctor immediately if he does not speak.


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