Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev fell from the top of the hand. Baba Ramdev was doing pranayam sitting on an elephant. His balance deteriorated due to the movement of the elephant and he slipped from the back of the elephant and fell down. Though he did not get any injury, but people got nervous for a moment.

In fact, Baba Ramdev had set up a yoga camp in Ramanrati Ashram of Mahavan in Mathura. During this time, he was doing yoga sitting on an elephant. When the elephant started his footsteps, his balance deteriorated and he slipped from the elephant’s back.

Thankfully, there was a marsh in Ramnareti Ashram and there was no injury to him as he fell. He started laughing right away but after his elephant fell from the top all the saints were there. And the devotees were shocked.

Its video is becoming viral on social media. This video is being told about Monday. This incident happened when Baba was teaching yoga practice to saints in Ramnarethi ashram of Mathura.


Explain that on Monday, Yoga Guru Ramdev taught yoga to the saints in the ashram of Karshani Guru Sharanananda Maharaj located at Mahavan Ramanarethi. Guru Sharanand Maharaj also did yoga on stage. During this, Baba Ramdev did yoga postures on an elephant. A video of him went viral on Tuesday, which is about 22 seconds, in which Baba is doing yoga posture sitting on the elephant.

Suddenly the elephant shakes and Baba’s balance deteriorates and he falls down from the elephant. However, he has not suffered any serious injuries. On Monday, Baba Ramdev had informed the saints about the benefits from rugs. He told about Anulom-Antonyms and other yogas. Baba said that even the toughest diseases disappear by doing yoga. People should do yoga in the morning and evening.



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