New Delhi Recently, a video of an elderly Delhi man who runs a small dhaba on the roadside went viral on social media. In the video that went viral, the elderly were seen crying, after the video went viral, a large number of people reached the old man’s dhaba, which is named Baba’s Dhaba. It also remained on the top trend on social media and many media covered it as well.

Now another such video is going viral, which is of Agra, in which an elderly person is selling Kanjibade. Now an appeal is being made that people living in Agra came to help the elderly person. Like Baba’s Dhaba, this video is also going viral, which many film personalities have also shared. Also, the film stars are appealing that the people of Agra help them.

What is video?

There is a video in which a woman is talking to an elderly man and he is telling about his hand. It is being told that this video is from Agra, in which those elderly persons are selling Kanji big and are looking very sad. The voice of the woman is coming in the video and she is appealing to the people to help the elderly person, stating the address of this cart in Agra.

Now Swara Bhaskar has also shared this video and has written the address of this place. Also said that this is another Baba’s Dhaba. At the same time, actor Zeeshan Ayyub has written – Ya Bhai Agra Wala Do Do Game. Apart from film stars, many people are sharing this video. This video has been viewed more than 5 lakh times so far and people are appealing that they should be promoted like Baba’s Dhaba.



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