B.Ed. in the state Orders have been issued to give benefits of scholarship and fees to the poor and needy students of scheduled castes and general classes, minorities and backward classes. Due to the investigation into the cases of scholarship and fee reimbursement given to students of BEd and BTC in the past, there was a ban on disbursing the amount of BEd scholarship and fees, while BTC session this time due to corona crisis Void has been declared. On Thursday, an order was issued by BL Meena, Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Department.

It has been said in this order that a decision has been taken in connection with the removal of the prohibition in respect of the payment of scholarship and fees for the payment of BEd / BTC, through the order of the Finance Department on 5th November 2020 This mandate further states that in the case of Association of Minorities Institution Prayagraj v. State of Uttar Pradesh and others, in order to comply with the order passed by the High Court on 15 December 2020, to pay scholarship and fees for B.Ed and BTC and all other courses The investigation of cases will continue.

For this investigation, the inquiry committee constituted by the Social Welfare Department headed by the Chief Development Officer of the districts, the committee constituted by the Basic Education Department will continue to investigate for the recognition of BTC educational institutions. Similarly, the investigation by the Higher Education Inquiry Committee to investigate cases related to the recognition of B.Ed. and other higher education institutions will continue in the current and upcoming years.

This inquiry will be done by a committee headed by the Chief Development Officer at eight points. Let it be said that in the last academic session 2019-20, 1 lakh 123 students of B.Ed and 15 thousand 875 students of general category were given the benefit of scholarship and fee reimbursement while around 80 thousand B.Ed students of backward class- The girls were benefited.


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