Azka Corbuzier WikiBio, Age, Height,

Azka Corbuzier Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Mama Kalina Ocktaranny, Meet The Family: Find out about Azka Corbuzier’s mother, Kalina Octaranny, and father, Debby Ocktaranny, in his profile. His prosperity over Kalina’s ex Vicky has made public news. Follow More Updates On LatestSerialGossip.Com

Azka Corbuzier, the offspring of Kalina and Debby Ocktaranny, made his people satisfied by beating his stepfather, Vicky Prasetyo.

The family is conveying their joy through web-based amusement posts.

Azka Corbuzier Biodata Umur and Mama Kalina Ocktaranny: Family Facts

Azka Corbuzier is an Indonesian YouTuber and the offspring of Deddy Corbuzier and Kalina Ocktaranny, according to her Wikipedia page. After a battle with a family member, he actually appeared on the web.

In a session that happened this evening in Jakarta, Thursday, March 31, 2022, Azka took out his stepfather, Vicky Prasetyo. The session, which was reserved to last three rounds, persevered through only one. After only two rounds, Vicky couldn’t continue with the battle.

Kalina conveyed photographs and accounts after her kid was productive in devastating Vicky Prasetyo. “You’re my chief, @azkacorbuzier! I’m uncommonly happy for you, my child. You’re amazing.”

Azka Corbuzier WikiBio, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Mama Kalina Ocktaranny, Meet The Family

Directly following losing to his ex Kalina Oktarani’s kid, Vicky encountered a leg injury. In November of 2020, Kalina married Vicky. Regardless, considering the disloyalty procedure, their relationship couldn’t endure over the extreme long haul.

During the marriage, Kalina fell pregnant yet lost. Vicky organized an interactive discussion to fault Kalina for having a relationship with her. Vicky, on the other hand, is faulted for insulting marriage by dating various women, as shown by Kalina.

Azka, like his father, is an ardent ally. He likes binding development to working out at the activity community. Right after completing a kickboxing capacity test, Azka was conceded a dull belt in 2021.

After Deddy and Kalina isolated in 2013, Azka moved in with her father. No matter what the way that both of his people have changed over to Islam, Azka stays a passionate Catholic. Deddy Corbuzier doesn’t appear to have a comparable longing as he did to drive Azka to change over to Islam.

Azka Corbuzier : What Is The Boxer’s Age And Height?

Azka Corbuzier is a 15-year-old warrior who has recently evolved to a height of 187cm. Azka has dyslexia, a learning handicap depicted by issues scrutinizing, making, and spelling, as shown by VIP okezone.

His father, who had dyslexia as a child, is believed to be a relative of the disease. Azka Corbuzier has accomplished an uncommon game plan despite her dyslexia.

Azka was picked the best graduated class of her elementary school class in 2018. Living with his father alone formed him into an esteeming and close youth. In actuality, Azka follows Deddy to work reliably till 12 PM.

He’s also a YouTuber and a gamer, with PUBG being his #1.

Is Azka Corbuzier Married Or Unmarried? Darling And Partner

At the present, Azka Corbuzier isn’t hitched, yet he is engaged with his darling. Regardless of the way that she ought to be apparent on his Instagram profile, his assistant’s character has not yet been uncovered.

Similarly, his mother, Kalina, has posted a post on the couple. “Having an early supper with these two lovebirds,” she tweeted, implying his kid and his significant other.

Azka’s Instagram account has a couple of photos of the couple with love and kissing emojis. Notwithstanding, they haven’t hitched now. Since they are at this point in their pubescence, they could wish to do so whenever the open door shows up.


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