Pakistan Former Pm Imran Khan Hails Pm Modi Again Slams Nawaz Sharif On Corruption

Aware Of Plot To Kill Me, Says Imran Khan: The Pakistani police had already predicted that the former Prime Minister Imran Khan might be attacked. And a warning was also issued in that sense. However, the danger could not be avoided. This is what Pakistani media is saying. The former prime minister also claimed that he knew in advance that there was a plot to kill him.

Imran gave a short speech to the people of the country from Soukat Khanum Hospital on Friday. Significantly, he also said, “A day before the attack, I got the news that they were planning to kill me in Wazirabad, Gujarat. I will elaborate on this later. All I want to say for now is that they shot me four times. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Sanaullah, and ISI Major General Faisal Nasir are behind this conspiracy.” Gujranwala City Police issued a warning on November 1 in this regard based on information received from special sources. It is said that Imran may be attacked during the long march to Gujranwala. So security needs to be increased. The police suggested that the car that Imran will campaign in should be bomb-proof and have bullet-proof glass on the front. Akhtar Abbas, a police officer in Pakistan’s Gujarat, told the media that Imran’s party members had been advised by the police to use bulletproof armor since the long march from Lahore began.

Meanwhile, in a video message, Imran Khan claimed that he was attacked by extremists. But before that, there is a conspiracy to make him guilty of heresy by releasing the controversial audio in his name. So that the matter can be arranged in such a way that they tried to kill him because he committed heresy. He said that he had already received information about the attack from special sources. After knowing the names of the conspirators, he also made arrangements to record the names on a videotape and send them abroad. If anything, that videotape would have reached its destination.

Along with the question, how is Imran Khan? Can he walk after being shot in the leg? How deep was the bullet wound? If the statement of Faizal Hussain, who is close to Imran, is taken, it will be seen that a splinter of a nine mm bullet hit Imran’s leg. Imran’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf says 9mm bullets were fired at Imran. The assailant also claims the same. But ballistics experts say a 9mm bullet splinters into shrapnel only if it hits a solid surface. In that case, it can be assumed that it could be the truck carrying Imran. And after the bullet hit that truck, it hit Imran. On Friday, it was reported by a news agency that Imran Khan was hit by four bullets in his right leg. The surgery was successful. He is currently stable, but will not be able to walk for the next three weeks.

Pak media experts say that Imran Khan’s leg was not directly hit by the bullet. After the initial bandaging, it was seen that no blood was coming out of the bandage from his leg. As a result, the injuries were not serious according to them. Meanwhile, that being said, the normal 9mm bullet goes straight to the target. However, in this case, there is a discussion about a special explosive bullet, whose partial impact has hit the target, is being discussed in the Pak media. Besides Imran Khan, at least 15 PTI supporters were shot dead in yesterday’s firing incident. Among them is former governor of Sindh province Imran Ismail and former minister Faizal Javed. Clashes broke out between police and PTI supporters soon after the firing. It is reported that several people were injured in that clash.


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