Avika Gaur announced her relationship with Milind some time back on social media. Since then, both of them are often seen expressing their love for each other. Has appeared in the season and he has celebrated his birthday on 27 March. On this special day, Avika once again expressed her love while wishing Milind a birthday and has also shared a beautiful photo of herself and Milind on Instagram.

Avika wrote a loving post for Milind

Avika shared this romantic photo and wrote that, Happy Birthday, you made me the person I am today. I have become a kind person because of you, you inspire me. You are the one who convinced me that there is a way to live life with love. You have taught me to love myself everyday. Along with the fans, many TV stars have also lavished a lot of love on this post of Avika.

Milind gave a beautiful reply

At the same time, Milind has also affectionately reprinted this post of Avika, he wrote that, thank you very much, this post has started my day. You are truly amazing and I am so glad that you are part of my life. Special Thank you for making my day special, baby.

Milind shared birthday celebrations photo

After this, Milind also shared some photos of birthday celebrations on his Instagram. Sharing the photo, he wrote that, family is everything, a celebration with the most important people in my life. A beautiful romantic dinner arranged by @avikagor. And my whole family has decorated the whole house for me. And with this, everyone made a video for me, which made me laugh, and made me cry.


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