A case of rape from a woman has come to light in Australia’s Parliament. PM Scott Morrison has apologized to the woman on this matter and ordered an inquiry. The woman alleges that her co-worker raped her in the Parliament complex itself. The PM says that the work culture of the country has also been questioned in this matter and it will be investigated. The victim says she was raped in the office of Defense Minister Linda Reynolds in March 2019. The woman says the accused has also been associated with Morrison’s ruling Liberal Party.

The woman told the media that in April 2019 she had told the police about this, but now despite the concerns of her career, she has decided to make a formal complaint. The police have also confirmed that the woman had told about the incident in 2019, but had decided not to register a complaint till then. The woman says that she had also told the senior officials of Reynolds office about the rape incident. Even after this, he was asked to attend a meeting in the same office where he was raped.

On Monday, Reynolds also reported that he had been told by the woman about the rape case. However, he denied that there was any allegation against the woman for not filing a formal complaint. Now PM Morrison has apologized to the woman on Tuesday and promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the entire case. Speaking to the media in Canberra, Morrison said, ‘It shouldn’t have happened. I apologize for this. ‘ With this, the PM said that I want to assure that women will be given full security at the workplace.


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