Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shanti asking Paro how could she come here, without getting 5 calls. Paro tells that her neighbor Shukla came from Thailand and I had intended to know from his better half. She says you would have upset me by your calls, and that is the reason I started things out. She says she will hear from Shukla’s better half and will inform you concerning the trip to Thailand. She at that point reveals to Shanti that she didn’t see her going to any country so far since 7 years. Shanti says she will before long go and asks her not to get back to work until she gets back from unfamiliar excursion. Paro gets cheerful. She at that point goes to Sakina’s home and illuminates her that Mishra’s family are going to unfamiliar for trip. Sakina says even we are going. Paro says Shanti gave her off and requested that she return when she gets back from unfamiliar. Sakina gives her off. Shanti makes Mishra wash the garments and afterward chides him for squandering the cleanser powder. Mishra tells that assuming he had tackled job in somebody’s home, would have 10-15 thousands. Shanti reprimands him and requests that he wash the utensils. Mishra inquires as to for what reason did you emit to Paro and requests that she accomplish some work. Shanti says on the off chance that she isn’t accomplishing any work and advises that her predetermination is terrible to stall out in house, while others have gone out for the excursion. Mishra tells that he had taken her for excursion a year ago. Shanti says somebody had kicked the bucket and that is the reason you took me there. Mishra says I needed to go to special first night, yet your mother ji destroyed my arrangement. Shanti advises that her Papa offered cash to him 4 years prior for the excursion, however you had squandered cash on your bua and tricked me. She tells that until he takes her out, up to that point Paro won’t return and you need to accomplish practically everything. Mishra says you make me occupied with house work all the day. He says we will intend to go to a virus place this time.

Sakina requests that Mirza work quicker and says you are working since 10 years, and still didn’t learn. Mirza tells that you are requesting that a pilot ride auto cart. Sakina insults him. Noorjahan requests that he recruit 4 workers or give her medication to rest. She says I will get some extra food in the evening or pungent dalya. Mirza asks Sakina to ask Paro for what valid reason she didn’t come. Sakina says she gave her off and tells that everybody went for an excursion, yet we are in the house. Mirza says we had gone to your auntie’s home. Sakina tells that neighbors had left Lucknow, and requests that he take her out, else accomplish the house work. She insults him once more… and requests that he accomplish kitchen work.

Mishra and Mirza are on the porch. Mishra reveals to Mirza that Shanti needs to go on an excursion. Mirza says even his better half needed to go for a trip. He says he is intending to take them to kullu manali. Mishra says he is wanting to go to Kashmir and asks him what will be the costs? Mirza says our 3 months’ cash if our spouses don’t go to the market.

Shanti reveals to her little child to bring something. Mishra requests that she give him independence from work. Shanti rejects. Mishra clears the floor. Sakina puts the dirt on the floor. Mirza comprehends she has put it and advises that they will go to the market, first let her go to the shop. Mishra likewise guarantees his better half of a trip. Mirza additionally guarantees. Sakina says I don’t accept on your colloquialisms and jackass’ kick. Mirza says they will go to 5 nations.

Mishra and Mirza converse with one another about the trip and think about their spouses’ alerts. Later they converse with somebody about any nation visit. The person recommends them to take achaar on the off chance that they need to go to China. Bittu comes there and says he heard that he is going to 5 nations visit. He says I will show you language of Arab. Mirza says he is tremendously instructed with him. Kudelal goes to Mishra’s shop and talks in Chinese language. A person notices both Mirza and Mishra and hears Bittu and Kudelal’s discussion. He considers somebody and advises that he discovered 2 people to get caught and requests that he book the ticket.

Precap: The person Prakash Panchi tell Mirza and Mishra that he is a well known guide and will get their visit to 5 nations in only 1 Rupee. He meets Bittu and the last requests that he see his another stunt.


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