Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Bittu ordering his pals Kooda, Majnu, Ashiq, and Majnu that simplest he’s going to pass for a ship trip with Nikki day after today. They deny disagree. Bittu calls lodge’s waiter, who acts as his aide, and orders him to lease sixteen goons to bodily harass his four pals. They all four get afraid and returned off. Bittu says they appear like jokers however are intelligent, slaps Majnu and walks farfar from there. He then meets waiter, thank you waiter for his help, and desires of cruising with Nikki and clicking selfies.

Next morning, phoney royal own circle of relatives visits Naini lake. Mirza tells Sakina that he can not dance on a ship and could simplest sing for her. She insists and says it turned into her formative years dream to sing and dance on boat like Sharmila Tagore and Shammi Kapoor. Mirza is of the same opinion and asks her now no longer to shake a lot whilst Ashiq statistics their video. Paro informs Shanti that Mirza and Sakina are recording their dancing and making a song video on boat. Shanti jokes on Sakina however needs Mishra to do same. Mishra says he’s terrified of falling in lake. She scolds him and emotionally blackmails that it’d had been higher if she had married Prakash aata chakki wala. He is of the same opinion.

Nikki sends Bittu to get water and leaves on my own on boat. Bittu returns and receives dissatisfied seeing Nikki crusing away on my own. He attempts to leap into lake to attain her, however a person stops him and says police will punish him if he’s caught. He receives afraid and remains returned. Mishra, Shanti, Mirza and Sakina sing on lake at the same time as Aashiq and Majnu document their video. At night, they go back to lodge wherein lodge supervisor asks what number of bushes did they plant. Mishra receives frightened and asks Mirza to explain. Mirza says 2000 bushes. Manager says they should be worn-out planting 2000 bushes. Mirza says they get worn-out, however don’t display up. Manager requests to click on their tree planting % for the lodge after they plant 3000 bushes day after today. Mirza is of the same opinion. Once supervisor leaves, they talk how will they get pics. Nikki indicates to plant 3-four bushes and click on pics. They all agree. Back to room, Shanti watches Mirza and Sakina’s video and asks Mishra to expose their video. He doesn’t discover it in his cellular and calls Majnu who informs that he forgot to press begin button. Mishra nervously returns Shanti and informs same. Shanti vents out her anger on him. He is of the same opinion to shoot a brand new video day after today with new songs.

The episode ends.


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