Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Paro informing Sakina that Shanti is making plans a video the following day in Mall street on new trending films. Sakina receives jealous and insists Mirza to file their video the following day on trending films. He receives irritated, however acts and says they’ll rock the following day. She maintains herself wakeful in excitement. He frightens her that if she doesn’t sleep, she can be able to get darkish circles and wrinkles on her face. She receives afraid and sleeps. He thinks she is a fool. Next morning, entire group plant life some plant life and clicks pix. Mirza/Sakina and Mishra/Sakina then dance round mall street and click on romantic films.

Bittu visits a store and asks salesman to expose him a dhamadekar jacket for his wife. Constable hears that and arrests him wondering him as a terrorist. Bittu receives afraid. Nikki enters. Bittu says he became shopping for jacket for her. Nikki says Bittu is his chacha/uncle, they may be from Lucknow and are on excursion with family. Constable exams their ID playing cards and spares Bittu giving him a warning. Bittu thinks Nikki known as him chacha to keep him.

Mishra and Mirza go back to lodge withinside the night and display tree planting pix to supervisor. Manager asks them to ahead them to him to border them and fasten in lodge reception and informs them approximately the following day’s press convention. They act as understanding approximately it and discus it with their group. Nikki says she has revel in coping with company press meetings and has the same opinion to deal with the following day’s press convention. Bittu insists to accompany her and frightens his pals once more to permit best him accompany Nikki.

At night, Mishra desires approximately Nikki and Bittu being stuck in convention and supervisor bringing police to get them arrested. He wakes up concerned and walks out. Mirza additionally watches equal dream and describes it to Mishra. They watch vintage convention films and consider discussing not unusualplace questions with Nikki and Bittu. Next morning, Bittu flirts with Nikki. Mishra and Mirza stroll to them and deliver them set of not unusualplace questions requested at some point of convention. Nikki asks Bittu to examine it for her. Mishra and Mirza wish Bittu doesn’t reduce to rubble at some point of convention. BBC and Kooda examine questions and solutions for Nikki. Drama continues.

Precap: No precap…


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