Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Bittu clicking his crew’s percent. They all shaggy dog story with every other. Bittu then asks them to click on percent. They disperse and have a take a observe the surroundings outside. Bittu beats them and orders to click on his pic, then appears thru balcony through mistake and receives mesmerized seeing a lovely lake. He asks them to click on his picturegraph outside. Whole crew rushes to view factor and reward lake’s beauty. Bittu asks if all and sundry is aware of lake’s call. Mishra says his father instructed its call is Naini. Bittu jokes if his father dug that lake. Everyone snort listening to that. Kooda asks its depth. Mishra says greater than nine elephants’ height. Bittu jokes again. Mishra replies back. They all snort and shaggy dog story on every other. Hotel’s supervisor walks to them and takes them in.

Nikki shows crew to pick a captain to save you them from getting exposed. Majnu says he turns into a captain. Bittu jokes on him and shuts his mouth. Mirza says he turns into a captain. Mishra name callings him and says he’s going to as he’s skilled greater. Their argument begins offevolved. Mishra says they have to prevent arguing in any other case all and sundry will discover that they’re faux royals. A waiter walks in with espresso. They all get tensed wondering he heard their conversation. Waiter says he can not talk Hindi. They all have fun listening to that.

After sometime, Mirza and Sakina repair their chairs at view factor to experience like surroundings. Mishra and Shanti stroll in and ask them to go away their place. Their nok jhok begins offevolved. Manager walks to them and asks which delicacies could they prefer to have for dinner tonight. Mirza asks him to talk in natural Hindi as they left English in Canada itself. He asks what could they prefer to have for dinner tonight. They ask what’s his hotel’s specialty. He says their hotel’s Tibetan delicacies is famous. They say they love Tibetan delicacies and order it. Nikki enjoys surroundings sitting in lawn while Bittoo walks in with espresso for her and flirts together along with her accompanied through all male staff. She rejects all and sundry’s espresso and accepts BBC’s. They all criticize BBC. Manager walks to them and convinces them for Tibetan delicacies for dinner. Their drama continues.

Precap: No precap…


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