Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene begins with Mirza and Mishra taking Bittu/Kurri anna and card shark/D’Costa to haveli. Kurri offers gifts to Mishra and his family while D’Costa offers gifts to Mirza’s family. Shanti says babuji/Brij has gone to his sister’s home as he was feeling the loss of her. Kurri says past man isn’t at home, then, at that point, says he is learning North language. Sakeena advises that Noor went to her sibling’s home. Kurri asks Mishra for what reason there is a line between haveli.

Mishra uncovers that half haveli has a place with Mirza. Kurri says he can get him full haveli in the event that he persuades Mirza to dice bet with him and dominates the match. Mishra inquires as to whether Mirza wins. Kurri says he is master in dice game. Mishra concurs. D’Costa persuades Mirza on the opposite side.

Mirza and Mishra address on porch and difficulty each other for a dice game. Kurri in his room gloats over telephone with D’Costa how he tricked Mishra and his family. Mishra enters. Kurri changes subject and goes about as addressing his dad and adulating Mishra’s family. Mishra effectively gets persuaded with his falsehoods and inquires as to whether he is certain he can overcome Mirza in dice game. Kurri says no one can overcome Bittu. Mishra asks what? Kurri says he implies Bantu, his scratch is Bantu/short. Mishra advises Shanti what Kurri
advised and demands her to allow him to play dice and win entire haveli. Shanti denies saying he personally told Pandavs lost their better half Draupadi in dice game, will he bet her. Mishra says no, he will wager haveli. She denies. Sakeena additionally denies to allow Mishra to play dice game. Bittu and D’Costa demand Mishra and Mirza to persuade Shanti and Sakeena some way or another at any expense.

Mishra and Mishra sing tune and attempt to persuade their families tricking them with choc manufacturing plant, cosmetics processing plant, rich life, and so forth They get persuaded and grant them provided that Kurri and D’Costa show their dice abilities. Kurri and D’Costa toss dice numbers they say and persuade Sakeena and Shanti who fantasy about winning entire haveli. Brij and Noor get back. Mishra and Mirza get strained that Brij and Noor won’t allow them to betting and demand Shanti and Sakeena to persuade some way or another or, more than likely they won’t get full haveli and should bear one another. Kurri and D’Costa figure their arrangement will fizzle and they will lose both haveli and pride. D’Costa says he got a thought with which they can without much of a stretch persuade Mishra and Noor.

Precap: No precap.


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