Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode starts offevolved with pappu asking the men standing on queue to return 475 from 500, like they have back 90 from 100. Bittu says i’m able to deliver them lakhs if i get, seeing mirza coming. Mirza comes there and tells that he wants to get involved in his new business. Bittu asks him to come back to his house in the night. Mirza goes. Bachchan comes there. Bittu pretends to offer money to the men status in queue. Bachchan says he has everyday him as his guru and tells about making a bet. Bittu asks him to come inside the nighttime. Later shanti scolds bachchan for not running. Sakina additionally complains to mirza. Mirza says i make tea for you day and night time. Sakina asks why are you refusing to go back to lucknow. Mirza says i’m thinking now not to trouble the buffaloes as i make tea with its milk which is for its calf. Sakina says you want treatment and calls noorjahan. Bachchan tells shanti that he’s going to get showroom for jija ji and says money rain will happen. Shanti says if it doesn’t take place then my horrific words will rain. Noorjahan asks what came about? Mirza tells that he’s going to do some thing right here and says mishra ji isn’t always right here, so he hopes for the great. Sakina asks what do you want? Mirza says i can tell later.

Bittu explains to mirza about the cricket fit nowadays and tells about betting. He then demands him to give 10000 rs. Bachchan tells that he don’t have cash. Pappu says he will provide. Bittu also offers to present money to mirza. Mirza asks why you need to assist me. Bittu says he wants to lure. He then changes his phrases. Mirza regrets to think incorrect about him. Bittu offers him ten thousand and asks him to wager. Mirza says first we will bet for 2000 rs. Bittu calls a person and asks to area guess of 2000 rs. Mirza says he has earned 4000 out of 2000 rs. Bachchan says he in no way earned 15000 in a day. He sees pappu as god. Even mirza imagines bittu as god. Mirza goes domestic with 10000 while bachchan is going with 15000. Bittu and pappu giggle and tell that they bet on the 15 years recording and giggle. Bachchan offers cash to shanti and tells that this all took place as he offered the lota. Mirza gives cash to sakina and tells that he has opened hen farmhouse and fools her. Sakina receives pressured. Bittu talks to pappu and tells that whoever gets the having a bet habit, their residence is ruined. Mirza and bachchan come to bittu and pappu. Pappu asks him to offer money. Bachchan says he will play on his money and will return after triumphing. Mirza tells that he has sworn no longer to wager with his cash. Bittu asks him to tell and get over his swear. Mirza insists.

Pappu and bittu deliver money to each bachchan and mirza. Mirza says he’s going to guess for 10000 these days. Bittu says these days’s healthy isn’t sure and asks him to play with one thousand rs. Mirza says ok. They bet and win. Pappu and bittu tell that they’ve to shell out their cash to fool them. Mirza gives a dress to sakina really worth 10000 rs. Bachchan additionally presents a saree to shanti and tells that his lota enterprise has expanded and now he’s selling buckets too. Shanti says she is sure that he’ll now not dare to idiot her. Sakina insists to look the chicken farmhouse. Mirza says the hen aren’t in a mood. Shanti insists to peer his keep. Bachchan says there’s no vicinity to head internal. Later mirza and bachchan pop out of the residence, wearing sherwani and suit respectively. They lie to every different approximately their faux business. Mirza and bachchan ask every other to inform in the event that they want finance.


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