Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Mirza informing Sakina that they’ll move for purchasing in a luxurious vehicle. She scolds him that they want to keep like negative and now no longer royals and orders him to cancel vehicle. He says he additionally sought safety. She scolds him and says she can be able to now no longer move for purchasing. He apologizes. Shanti additionally scolds Mishra to cancel safety and comfort vehicle otherwise they’ll be caught. Mishra says he has despatched Kaata to dam all of the community in resort. She keeps scolding him. Mishra then informs supervisor that their mystery royal safety has knowledgeable to cancel safety and comfort vehicle and keep like not unusualplace humans. Mirza additionally joins them and describes same.

They all attain neighborhood marketplace and disperse for purchasing. Shanti scolds Mishra and insists him to provide her cash for purchasing. Shanti additionally takes Mirza’s debit card. Mirza says he most effective has 50 rs in card. Bittu insists Nikki to keep on his cash observed through Kooda, Kaata and others. She asks them to pay her one thousand rs every and allow her keep herself. They pay her cash. Bittu beats Majnu for now no longer paying his debt and giving 1500 rs to Nikki. Paro tells Shanti and Sakina she is aware of the way to keep reasonably-priced. She speaks a neighborhood female and requests her to assist her keep reasonably-priced as she may be very negative. Local female asks if Shanti and Sakina also are negative. Sakina suggests her torn dupatta and says they’re very negative. Lady allows them keep reasonably-priced.

They all then go back to resort after purchasing and boast in the front of supervisor that they shopped really well worth 20 lakhs and purchased most effective branded items. Manager receives inspired and says his sister desires to meet royals and calls his sister. They all get tensed seeing a neighborhood female who helped them keep. Lady says those are the negative humans whom she helped keep reasonably-priced. Manager says she is mistaken. Shanti says female is proper as they someday keep with citizens, they already despatched their 20 lakhs really well worth items to Canada and taken regionally shopped items to resort.

Next morning, all of them consider looking royal family’s information of touring Nainital and planting 5000 timber and speak to execute that plan. Nikki shows they’ll roam for 2-three days and lie that they planted 5000 timber. Everyone reward her intelligence. She says she learnt it from their country’s politicians who boast loads and do nothing. They additionally determine to head for a ship experience at Naini lake. At night, Bittu’s pals speak approximately boating with Nikki. Bittu scolds them and warns them to live farfar from Nikki.

Precap: No precap..


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