Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 18 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The Episode starts with Bittu asking Pappu if they reached haveli then my film will flop before release. Pappu asks what to do, shall I get the director kidnapped. Mukesh Ghai comes there and says you said that they are good actors and I will get Oscar, but. He asks Bittu to get his plane ticket done. Bittu pretends to talk on phone and tells that there is a strike of flight, railways etc. He asks Mukesh to get talent out from them. Mukesh says he can’t. Bittu asks him to go and meet for shooting. Pappu says you are a bad actor, but good actor behind the camera. Bittu tells that he said right there is a strike for the transport.

Brij tells Noorjahan that he will practice the dialogues too. Inaam comes there and gives them paper, asks him to practice the dialogues. Brij and Noorjahan practice dialogues of Akbar and Anarkali. Next day for audition, Mishra and Mirza family act for the film. Mukesh asks why they are distracting from the script and playing their own home games. He asks Bittu why he couldn’t act. Pappu tells Bittu that he had already told him that he couldn’t act. Bittu threatens to slap him. Mukesh says pack up. Aashiq and Manju provoke Pappu against Bittu. Even Bachchan tells that Bittu shouldn’t have said this. Shanti, Mirza and Sakina take Bittu’s side. Pappu gets provoked by them and tell that he thought Bittu Kapoor as my elder brother. Bittu says I am like his father and will beat him today. Sakina asks him to forgive Pappu. Bittu refuses. Mirza provokes him against Pappu. Pappu decides to teach him a lesson and asks Aashiq and Manju to pack their bags as they have to go to Mumbai. They smile.

Mukesh tells that he took time to catch his talent. Bittu says Pappu was telling it otherwise. Pappu tells Mukesh that Shahensha was about to be done by Bittu. Bittu says really. Mukesh asks Bachchan to give his script to Bittu. Bachchan gives his script to Bittu. Pappu asks him to take Bittu’s role. Bachchan tells his dialogues while Bittu tells his dialogues, who got the Servant’s role. He says ji malik. Pappu and Mukesh appreciate Bittu’s acting. Pappu tells Bachchan that Bittu might be fighting with director for role changing. Mukesh tells Bittu that his dialogues ji Malik gives the life to the story. Bittu says there is nothing in it. Mukesh gives an example and says you will become immortal in this role. Bittu says he is even now a goon in real life and will do the role of his choice.

Sakina tells Shanti that her acting is good. Shanti says only time can tell and reminds her that she used to take her suggestion while making videos. Sakina laughs. They think if shooting stops. Shanti says I will give audition somewhere. Sakina says even I will give.

Pappu asks Bittu if he threatened Director. Bittu says he has threatened Director to give him role of his choice, else stop the shooting. Pratap asks why did you call director, so that bahubali snatch the haveli. He says you have threatened the director, now shooting will be halted and they will go back to haveli. Bittu gets thinking. Pappu says now he will do Servant’s role only.

Mirza tells Bittu that Director gave him a small role. Bittu says Sholay film worked on Kaliya’s dialogues. Mirza says even I had watched the film, sholay worked due to Gabbar’s film. Bittu tells that Bachchan can’t be Bachchan with the role. Mirza hints him that Pappu might have provoked director against him. Bittu asks him to do what he will do now.

No Precap.


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