Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Mirza getting ear ache and informing Sakina. Sakina says that’s due to the fact he doesn’t concentrate to her. He asks her to place medication in his ears. She asks him to invite his mom and walks away. Noor places eardrops in his ears and says in her days, they used to pour warm oil in ear and used to get immediately relief. He asks her to feature oil then. She pours oil in his ears asking him to transport his face and asks if he’s fine. He mishears her. She asks him to maintain his neck bent until oil enters deep into eyes. Sakina receives a name from her sister Samina who informs that she is pregnant. Mirza walks in. She informs same. He mishears her and thinks receives satisfied questioning she is pregnant. She repeats. He says if his father become alive, he could were satisfied listening to this information. She shies. He asks how did she locate out. She says Samina went to medical doctor with a pattern and were given confirmation. He says already there are 2, how will they manipulate some other 1. She says what can they do. Drama continues. He says they ought to tell top information to every person at haveli. She says every person will ask treats and he’ll ought to spend 2000-3000 rs. He lifts her and expresses his happiness. She thinks why he’s so satisfied listening to her sister’s being pregnant information.

At Mirza’s tea store, Bittu walks in and needs tea for him and BBC. Dr. Kooda walks in and informs that he has a very good information for them. Mirza thinks how does he recognize with out him informing. Koooda says his cousin is having a 3rd toddler. Bittu opposes and says best 2 children are top and talks approximately authorities rules. Mishra walks in. Bittu name callings him next. Mishra says scolds him back. Mirza asks every person to depart and permit him paintings. In the evening, at the manner domestic, he asks a female if she receives pregnant and can not tell anyone, she will be able to go to his store and tell him. Lady slaps him and walks away.

Mirza reaches domestic and informs Noor approximately Sakina’s being pregnant. She additionally receives satisfied and asks him to carry dry culmination to put together dry fruit laddoos for Sakina. He says his finances goes for a toss with a 3rd child’s arrival. She asks why didn’t he assume earlier than bringing a 3rd child. He shies and concurs to carry dry culmination. Noor walks to Sakina’s room discussing approximately being pregnant. Shanti overhears her and thinks Sakina is pregnant. Noor pampers Sakina and asks her now no longer to paintings entire day and get tired. Sakina says she does. Their drama continues. Next morning, Shanti facilitates Sakina dry garments and asks her now no longer to exert herself. Sakina receives confused.

Mirza reaches store wherein Bittu, Mishra, and all his different pals dance round him and congratulate him for grow to be a father 1/3 time. They call for deal with from him. Sakina reads being pregnant associated ee-e book to present it to Samina. Her youngsters stroll in and call for a toddler sister. She says their aunt is aware of toddler’s gender and sends them away. Mirza brings presents for her and toys for toddler. Sakina thinks if Mirza is having an affair together along with his sister and thinks some thing is wrong.

Precap: No precap.


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